ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7942-gd23573b
mangle.h File Reference
#include "config.h"
#include "intsym.h"
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#define MOVUAPS   movaps
#define ALIGN4   .balign 4
#define ALIGN8   .balign 8
#define ALIGN16   .balign 16
#define ALIGN32   .balign 32
#define ALIGN64   .balign 64
#define MANGLE_MACROCAT_REALLY(a, b)   a ## b
#define ASM_NAME(a)   a
#define COMM(a, b, c)   .comm a,b,c
#define BSS   .bss
#define GLOBAL_SYMBOL   .globl
#define AARCH64_PCREL_HI(label)   label
#define AARCH64_PCREL_LO(label)   :lo12:label
#define AARCH64_DUP_4S(dst, src, elem)   dup dst.4s, src.s[elem]
#define AARCH64_DUP_2D(dst, src, elem)   dup dst.2d, src.d[elem]
#define AARCH64_SQXTN2_8H(dst, src)   sqxtn2 dst.8h, src.4s

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#define AARCH64_DUP_2D (   dst,
)    dup dst.2d, src.d[elem]

Definition at line 194 of file mangle.h.


#define AARCH64_DUP_4S (   dst,
)    dup dst.4s, src.s[elem]

Definition at line 193 of file mangle.h.


#define AARCH64_PCREL_HI (   label)    label

Definition at line 184 of file mangle.h.


#define AARCH64_PCREL_LO (   label)    :lo12:label

Definition at line 185 of file mangle.h.


#define AARCH64_SQXTN2_8H (   dst,
)    sqxtn2 dst.8h, src.4s

Definition at line 195 of file mangle.h.


ecx edi movl ebx edx edi decl ecx esi eax jecxz decl eax andl eax esi movl edx movl TEMP incl eax andl eax ecx incl ebx testl eax jnz xchgl ecx incl TEMP esp ecx subl ebx pushl ecx ecx edx ecx shrl ecx mm0 mm4 mm0 mm4 mm1 mm5 mm1 mm5 mm2 mm6 mm2 mm6 mm3 mm7 mm3 mm7 paddd mm0 paddd mm4 paddd mm0 paddd mm4 paddd mm0 paddd mm4 movq mm1 movq mm5 psrlq mm1 psrlq mm5 paddd mm0 paddd mm4 psrad mm0 psrad mm4 packssdw mm0 packssdw mm4 mm1 punpckldq mm0 pand mm1 pand mm0 por mm1 movq edi esi edx edi decl ecx jnz popl ecx andl ecx jecxz mm0 mm0 mm1 mm1 mm2 mm2 mm3 mm3 paddd mm0 paddd mm0 paddd mm0 movq mm1 psrlq mm1 paddd mm0 psrad mm0 packssdw mm0 movd eax movw edi esi edx esi movl ecx ALIGN16   .balign 16

Definition at line 39 of file mangle.h.


#define ALIGN32   .balign 32

Definition at line 40 of file mangle.h.


#define ALIGN4   .balign 4

Definition at line 37 of file mangle.h.


#define ALIGN64   .balign 64

Definition at line 41 of file mangle.h.


#define ALIGN8   .balign 8

Definition at line 38 of file mangle.h.


#define ASM_NAME (   a)    a

Definition at line 84 of file mangle.h.


#define ASM_VALUE (   a)    MANGLE_MACROCAT($,a)

Definition at line 85 of file mangle.h.


#define BSS   .bss

Definition at line 153 of file mangle.h.


#define COMM (   a,
)    .comm a,b,c

Definition at line 147 of file mangle.h.


#define GLOBAL_SYMBOL   .globl

Definition at line 160 of file mangle.h.


#define MANGLE_MACROCAT (   a,

Definition at line 74 of file mangle.h.


)    a ## b

Definition at line 73 of file mangle.h.


#define MOVUAPS   movaps

Definition at line 24 of file mangle.h.



Definition at line 172 of file mangle.h.