ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8191-gbc6c731
disassemble_info Struct Reference

#include <dis-asm.h>

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Public Member Functions

int read_memory_func PARAMS ((bfd_vma memaddr, bfd_byte *myaddr, unsigned int length, struct disassemble_info *info))
void memory_error_func PARAMS ((int status, bfd_vma memaddr, struct disassemble_info *info))
void print_address_func PARAMS ((bfd_vma addr, struct disassemble_info *info))
int symbol_at_address_func PARAMS ((bfd_vma addr, struct disassemble_info *info))

Public Attributes

fprintf_ftype fprintf_func
PTR stream
PTR application_data
enum bfd_flavour flavour
enum bfd_architecture arch
unsigned long mach
unsigned long insn_sets
unsigned long flags
PTR private_data
bfd_vma buffer_vma
unsigned int buffer_length
int bytes_per_line
int bytes_per_chunk
enum bfd_endian display_endian
unsigned int octets_per_byte
char insn_info_valid
char branch_delay_insns
char data_size
enum dis_insn_type insn_type
bfd_vma target
bfd_vma target2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file dis-asm.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ PARAMS() [1/4]

void print_address_func disassemble_info::PARAMS ( (bfd_vma addr, struct disassemble_info *info )

◆ PARAMS() [2/4]

int symbol_at_address_func disassemble_info::PARAMS ( (bfd_vma addr, struct disassemble_info *info )

◆ PARAMS() [3/4]

int read_memory_func disassemble_info::PARAMS ( (bfd_vma memaddr, bfd_byte *myaddr, unsigned int length, struct disassemble_info *info )

◆ PARAMS() [4/4]

void memory_error_func disassemble_info::PARAMS ( (int status, bfd_vma memaddr, struct disassemble_info *info )

Member Data Documentation

◆ application_data

PTR disassemble_info::application_data

Definition at line 63 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ arch

enum bfd_architecture disassemble_info::arch

Definition at line 71 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ branch_delay_insns

char disassemble_info::branch_delay_insns

Definition at line 166 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ buffer

bfd_byte* disassemble_info::buffer

Definition at line 136 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ buffer_length

unsigned int disassemble_info::buffer_length

Definition at line 138 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ buffer_vma

bfd_vma disassemble_info::buffer_vma

Definition at line 137 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ bytes_per_chunk

int disassemble_info::bytes_per_chunk

Definition at line 151 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ bytes_per_line

int disassemble_info::bytes_per_line

Definition at line 144 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ data_size

char disassemble_info::data_size

Definition at line 168 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ disassembler_options

char* disassemble_info::disassembler_options

Definition at line 175 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ display_endian

enum bfd_endian disassemble_info::display_endian

Definition at line 152 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ flags

unsigned long disassemble_info::flags

Definition at line 101 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ flavour

enum bfd_flavour disassemble_info::flavour

Definition at line 69 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ fprintf_func

fprintf_ftype disassemble_info::fprintf_func

Definition at line 61 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ insn_info_valid

char disassemble_info::insn_info_valid

Definition at line 165 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ insn_sets

unsigned long disassemble_info::insn_sets

Definition at line 81 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ insn_type

enum dis_insn_type disassemble_info::insn_type

Definition at line 169 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ mach

unsigned long disassemble_info::mach

Definition at line 73 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ octets_per_byte

unsigned int disassemble_info::octets_per_byte

Definition at line 156 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ private_data

PTR disassemble_info::private_data

Definition at line 103 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ stream

PTR disassemble_info::stream

Definition at line 62 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ target

bfd_vma disassemble_info::target

Definition at line 170 of file dis-asm.h.

◆ target2

bfd_vma disassemble_info::target2

Definition at line 172 of file dis-asm.h.

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