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xzlib.h File Reference

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typedef voidxzFile


xzFile __libxml2_xzopen (const char *path, const char *mode)
xzFile __libxml2_xzdopen (int fd, const char *mode)
int __libxml2_xzread (xzFile file, void *buf, unsigned len)
int __libxml2_xzclose (xzFile file)
int __libxml2_xzcompressed (xzFile f)

Typedef Documentation

◆ xzFile

typedef void* xzFile

xzlib.h: header for the front end for the transparent support of lzma compression at the I/O layer

See Copyright for the status of this software.

Anders F Bjorklund

Definition at line 12 of file xzlib.h.

Function Documentation

◆ __libxml2_xzclose()

int __libxml2_xzclose ( xzFile  file)

◆ __libxml2_xzcompressed()

int __libxml2_xzcompressed ( xzFile  f)

◆ __libxml2_xzdopen()

xzFile __libxml2_xzdopen ( int  fd,
const char mode 

◆ __libxml2_xzopen()

xzFile __libxml2_xzopen ( const char path,
const char mode 

◆ __libxml2_xzread()

int __libxml2_xzread ( xzFile  file,
void buf,
unsigned  len