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fmt123.h File Reference
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struct  mpg123_fmt


#define MPG123_SAMPLESIZE(enc)
#define MPG123_ZEROSAMPLE(enc, siz, off)


enum  mpg123_enc_enum {
  MPG123_ENC_8 = 0x00f, MPG123_ENC_16 = 0x040, MPG123_ENC_24 = 0x4000, MPG123_ENC_32 = 0x100,
  MPG123_ENC_SIGNED = 0x080, MPG123_ENC_FLOAT = 0xe00, MPG123_ENC_SIGNED_16 = (MPG123_ENC_16|MPG123_ENC_SIGNED|0x10), MPG123_ENC_UNSIGNED_16 = (MPG123_ENC_16|0x20),
  MPG123_ENC_UNSIGNED_8 = 0x01, MPG123_ENC_SIGNED_8 = (MPG123_ENC_SIGNED|0x02), MPG123_ENC_ULAW_8 = 0x04, MPG123_ENC_ALAW_8 = 0x08,
  MPG123_ENC_SIGNED_32 = MPG123_ENC_32|MPG123_ENC_SIGNED|0x1000, MPG123_ENC_UNSIGNED_32 = MPG123_ENC_32|0x2000, MPG123_ENC_SIGNED_24 = MPG123_ENC_24|MPG123_ENC_SIGNED|0x1000, MPG123_ENC_UNSIGNED_24 = MPG123_ENC_24|0x2000,
  MPG123_ENC_FLOAT_32 = 0x200, MPG123_ENC_FLOAT_64 = 0x400, MPG123_ENC_ANY

Detailed Description

Audio format definitions.

Definition in file fmt123.h.