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mpg123_fmt Struct Reference

#include <fmt123.h>

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Public Attributes

long rate
int channels
int encoding

Detailed Description

Structure defining an audio format. Providing the members as individual function arguments to define a certain output format is easy enough. This struct makes is more comfortable to deal with a list of formats. Negative values for the members might be used to communicate use of default values.

Definition at line 147 of file fmt123.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ channels

int mpg123_fmt::channels

channel count

Definition at line 150 of file fmt123.h.

◆ encoding

int mpg123_fmt::encoding

encoding code, can be single value or bitwise or of members of mpg123_enc_enum

Definition at line 153 of file fmt123.h.

◆ rate

long mpg123_fmt::rate

sampling rate in Hz

Definition at line 149 of file fmt123.h.

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