ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8339-g4028de8
d3drm_mesh_builder Struct Reference

#include <d3drm_private.h>

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Public Attributes

struct d3drm_object obj
IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder2 IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder2_iface
IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder3 IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder3_iface
LONG ref
IDirect3DRM * d3drm
SIZE_T nb_vertices
SIZE_T vertices_size
SIZE_T nb_normals
SIZE_T normals_size
DWORD nb_faces
DWORD face_data_size
DWORD nb_coords2d
struct coords_2dpCoords2d
D3DCOLOR color
IDirect3DRMMaterial2 * material
IDirect3DRMTexture3 * texture
DWORD nb_materials
struct mesh_materialmaterials

Detailed Description

Definition at line 144 of file d3drm_private.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ color

D3DCOLOR d3drm_mesh_builder::color

Definition at line 162 of file d3drm_private.h.

◆ d3drm

IDirect3DRM* d3drm_mesh_builder::d3drm

Definition at line 150 of file d3drm_private.h.

Referenced by d3drm_mesh_builder_create().

◆ face_data_size

DWORD d3drm_mesh_builder::face_data_size

Definition at line 158 of file d3drm_private.h.

◆ IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder2_iface

IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder2 d3drm_mesh_builder::IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder2_iface

Definition at line 147 of file d3drm_private.h.

Referenced by impl_from_IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder2().

◆ IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder3_iface

IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder3 d3drm_mesh_builder::IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder3_iface

Definition at line 148 of file d3drm_private.h.

Referenced by impl_from_IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder3().

◆ material

IDirect3DRMMaterial2* d3drm_mesh_builder::material

◆ material_indices

DWORD* d3drm_mesh_builder::material_indices

Definition at line 167 of file d3drm_private.h.

◆ materials

struct mesh_material* d3drm_mesh_builder::materials

Definition at line 166 of file d3drm_private.h.

◆ nb_coords2d

DWORD d3drm_mesh_builder::nb_coords2d

Definition at line 160 of file d3drm_private.h.

◆ nb_faces

DWORD d3drm_mesh_builder::nb_faces

Definition at line 157 of file d3drm_private.h.

Referenced by d3drm_mesh_builder3_CreateMesh().

◆ nb_materials

DWORD d3drm_mesh_builder::nb_materials

Definition at line 165 of file d3drm_private.h.

Referenced by load_mesh_data().

◆ nb_normals

SIZE_T d3drm_mesh_builder::nb_normals

Definition at line 154 of file d3drm_private.h.

Referenced by d3drm_mesh_builder2_GetVertices().

◆ nb_vertices

SIZE_T d3drm_mesh_builder::nb_vertices

◆ normals

◆ normals_size

SIZE_T d3drm_mesh_builder::normals_size

Definition at line 155 of file d3drm_private.h.

◆ obj

struct d3drm_object d3drm_mesh_builder::obj

Definition at line 146 of file d3drm_private.h.

Referenced by d3drm_mesh_builder3_GetClassName().

◆ pCoords2d

struct coords_2d* d3drm_mesh_builder::pCoords2d

Definition at line 161 of file d3drm_private.h.

◆ pFaceData

void* d3drm_mesh_builder::pFaceData

Definition at line 159 of file d3drm_private.h.

◆ ref

LONG d3drm_mesh_builder::ref

Definition at line 149 of file d3drm_private.h.

◆ texture

IDirect3DRMTexture3* d3drm_mesh_builder::texture

Definition at line 164 of file d3drm_private.h.

◆ vertices

◆ vertices_size

SIZE_T d3drm_mesh_builder::vertices_size

Definition at line 152 of file d3drm_private.h.

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