ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-3717-g292e6a4
error_private.c File Reference
#include "error_private.h"
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const charERR_getErrorString (ERR_enum code)

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◆ ERR_getErrorString()

const char* ERR_getErrorString ( ERR_enum  code)

Definition at line 15 of file error_private.c.

16 {
17  static const char* const notErrorCode = "Unspecified error code";
18  switch( code )
19  {
20  case PREFIX(no_error): return "No error detected";
21  case PREFIX(GENERIC): return "Error (generic)";
22  case PREFIX(prefix_unknown): return "Unknown frame descriptor";
23  case PREFIX(version_unsupported): return "Version not supported";
24  case PREFIX(frameParameter_unsupported): return "Unsupported frame parameter";
25  case PREFIX(frameParameter_windowTooLarge): return "Frame requires too much memory for decoding";
26  case PREFIX(corruption_detected): return "Corrupted block detected";
27  case PREFIX(checksum_wrong): return "Restored data doesn't match checksum";
28  case PREFIX(parameter_unsupported): return "Unsupported parameter";
29  case PREFIX(parameter_outOfBound): return "Parameter is out of bound";
30  case PREFIX(init_missing): return "Context should be init first";
31  case PREFIX(memory_allocation): return "Allocation error : not enough memory";
32  case PREFIX(workSpace_tooSmall): return "workSpace buffer is not large enough";
33  case PREFIX(stage_wrong): return "Operation not authorized at current processing stage";
34  case PREFIX(tableLog_tooLarge): return "tableLog requires too much memory : unsupported";
35  case PREFIX(maxSymbolValue_tooLarge): return "Unsupported max Symbol Value : too large";
36  case PREFIX(maxSymbolValue_tooSmall): return "Specified maxSymbolValue is too small";
37  case PREFIX(dictionary_corrupted): return "Dictionary is corrupted";
38  case PREFIX(dictionary_wrong): return "Dictionary mismatch";
39  case PREFIX(dictionaryCreation_failed): return "Cannot create Dictionary from provided samples";
40  case PREFIX(dstSize_tooSmall): return "Destination buffer is too small";
41  case PREFIX(srcSize_wrong): return "Src size is incorrect";
42  /* following error codes are not stable and may be removed or changed in a future version */
43  case PREFIX(frameIndex_tooLarge): return "Frame index is too large";
44  case PREFIX(seekableIO): return "An I/O error occurred when reading/seeking";
45  case PREFIX(maxCode):
46  default: return notErrorCode;
47  }
48 }
Definition: dirsup.c:529
Definition: inflate.c:139
#define PREFIX
Definition: lpk.c:18

Referenced by ERR_getErrorName(), and ZSTD_getErrorString().