ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5608-gafb953a
render_to_envmap Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

ID3DXRenderToEnvMap ID3DXRenderToEnvMap_iface
LONG ref
IDirect3DDevice9 * device
enum render_state state
struct device_state previous_device_state
DWORD filter
IDirect3DSurface9 * render_target
IDirect3DSurface9 * depth_stencil
IDirect3DCubeTexture9 * dst_cube_texture

Detailed Description

Definition at line 431 of file render.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ depth_stencil

IDirect3DSurface9* render_to_envmap::depth_stencil

Definition at line 446 of file render.c.

Referenced by D3DXCreateRenderToEnvMap().

◆ desc

D3DXRTE_DESC render_to_envmap::desc

Definition at line 437 of file render.c.

◆ device

IDirect3DDevice9* render_to_envmap::device

Definition at line 436 of file render.c.

◆ dst_cube_texture

IDirect3DCubeTexture9* render_to_envmap::dst_cube_texture

Definition at line 448 of file render.c.

◆ face

D3DCUBEMAP_FACES render_to_envmap::face

Definition at line 442 of file render.c.

◆ filter

DWORD render_to_envmap::filter

Definition at line 443 of file render.c.

◆ ID3DXRenderToEnvMap_iface

ID3DXRenderToEnvMap render_to_envmap::ID3DXRenderToEnvMap_iface

Definition at line 433 of file render.c.

Referenced by impl_from_ID3DXRenderToEnvMap().

◆ previous_device_state

struct device_state render_to_envmap::previous_device_state

Definition at line 440 of file render.c.

◆ ref

LONG render_to_envmap::ref

Definition at line 434 of file render.c.

◆ render_target

IDirect3DSurface9* render_to_envmap::render_target

Definition at line 445 of file render.c.

Referenced by D3DXRenderToEnvMap_Face().

◆ state

enum render_state render_to_envmap::state

Definition at line 439 of file render.c.

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