ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8227-g32d615f
printproviders.c File Reference
#include "precomp.h"
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BOOL WINAPI AddPrintProvidorW (PWSTR pName, DWORD Level, PBYTE pProviderInfo)
BOOL WINAPI DeletePrintProvidorW (PWSTR pName, PWSTR pEnvironment, PWSTR pPrintProviderName)

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◆ AddPrintProvidorW()

BOOL WINAPI AddPrintProvidorW ( PWSTR  pName,
DWORD  Level,
PBYTE  pProviderInfo 

Definition at line 15 of file printproviders.c.

17 FIXME("AddPrintProvidorW(%S, %lu, %p)\n", pName, Level, pProviderInfo);
18 return FALSE;
#define FIXME(fmt,...)
Definition: debug.h:114
#define FALSE
Definition: types.h:117
static LPSTR pName
Definition: security.c:75
_IRQL_requires_same_ typedef _In_ ULONG _In_ UCHAR Level
Definition: wmitypes.h:56

Referenced by _RpcAddPrintProvidor(), and AddPrintProvidorA().

◆ DeletePrintProvidorW()

BOOL WINAPI DeletePrintProvidorW ( PWSTR  pName,
PWSTR  pEnvironment,
PWSTR  pPrintProviderName 

Definition at line 22 of file printproviders.c.

24 FIXME("DeletePrintProvidorW(%s, %s, %s)\n", pName, pEnvironment, pPrintProviderName);
25 return FALSE;

Referenced by _RpcDeletePrintProvidor(), and DeletePrintProvidorA().