ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8100-g1887773
PSAux_ServiceRec_ Struct Reference

#include <psaux.h>

Collaboration diagram for PSAux_ServiceRec_:

Public Attributes

const PS_Table_FuncsRecps_table_funcs
const PS_Parser_FuncsRecps_parser_funcs
const T1_Builder_FuncsRect1_builder_funcs
const T1_Decoder_FuncsRect1_decoder_funcs
void(* t1_decrypt )(FT_Byte *buffer, FT_Offset length, FT_UShort seed)
FT_UInt32(* cff_random )(FT_UInt32 r)
void(* ps_decoder_init )(PS_Decoder *ps_decoder, void *decoder, FT_Bool is_t1)
void(* t1_make_subfont )(FT_Face face, PS_Private priv, CFF_SubFont subfont)
T1_CMap_Classes t1_cmap_classes
const AFM_Parser_FuncsRecafm_parser_funcs
const CFF_Decoder_FuncsReccff_decoder_funcs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1278 of file psaux.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ afm_parser_funcs

const AFM_Parser_FuncsRec* PSAux_ServiceRec_::afm_parser_funcs

Definition at line 1307 of file psaux.h.

Referenced by parse_afm(), and T1_Read_Metrics().

◆ cff_decoder_funcs

const CFF_Decoder_FuncsRec* PSAux_ServiceRec_::cff_decoder_funcs

Definition at line 1309 of file psaux.h.

Referenced by cff_parser_run(), and cff_slot_load().

◆ cff_random

FT_UInt32(* PSAux_ServiceRec_::cff_random) (FT_UInt32 r)

Definition at line 1291 of file psaux.h.

Referenced by cff_subfont_load().

◆ ps_decoder_init

void(* PSAux_ServiceRec_::ps_decoder_init) (PS_Decoder *ps_decoder, void *decoder, FT_Bool is_t1)

Definition at line 1294 of file psaux.h.

Referenced by cff_slot_load().

◆ ps_parser_funcs

const PS_Parser_FuncsRec* PSAux_ServiceRec_::ps_parser_funcs

Definition at line 1282 of file psaux.h.

◆ ps_table_funcs

const PS_Table_FuncsRec* PSAux_ServiceRec_::ps_table_funcs

◆ t1_builder_funcs

const T1_Builder_FuncsRec* PSAux_ServiceRec_::t1_builder_funcs

Definition at line 1283 of file psaux.h.

◆ t1_cmap_classes

T1_CMap_Classes PSAux_ServiceRec_::t1_cmap_classes

Definition at line 1304 of file psaux.h.

Referenced by T1_Face_Init(), and T42_Face_Init().

◆ t1_decoder_funcs

const T1_Decoder_FuncsRec* PSAux_ServiceRec_::t1_decoder_funcs

Definition at line 1284 of file psaux.h.

Referenced by cid_slot_load_glyph(), T1_Compute_Max_Advance(), and T1_Get_Advances().

◆ t1_decrypt

void(* PSAux_ServiceRec_::t1_decrypt) (FT_Byte *buffer, FT_Offset length, FT_UShort seed)

Definition at line 1286 of file psaux.h.

Referenced by cid_read_subrs(), parse_charstrings(), and parse_subrs().

◆ t1_make_subfont

void(* PSAux_ServiceRec_::t1_make_subfont) (FT_Face face, PS_Private priv, CFF_SubFont subfont)

Definition at line 1299 of file psaux.h.

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