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InExclude Struct Reference

#include <xml2sdb.h>

Public Member Functions

 InExclude ()
bool fromXml (XMLHandle dbNode)
bool toSdb (PDB pdb, Database &db)

Public Attributes

std::string Module
bool Include

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file xml2sdb.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InExclude()

InExclude::InExclude ( )

Definition at line 33 of file xml2sdb.h.

33 : Include(false) { ; }
bool Include
Definition: xml2sdb.h:38

Member Function Documentation

◆ fromXml()

bool InExclude::fromXml ( XMLHandle  dbNode)

Definition at line 244 of file xml2sdb.cpp.

245 {
246  Module = ReadStringNode(dbNode, "MODULE");
247  // Special module names: '$' and '*'
248  if (!Module.empty())
249  {
250  Include = ToNodeName(dbNode) == "INCLUDE";
251  return true;
252  }
253  return false;
254 }
std::string ToNodeName(XMLHandle node)
Definition: xml2sdb.cpp:69
bool Include
Definition: xml2sdb.h:38
std::string ReadStringNode(XMLHandle dbNode, const char *nodeName)
Definition: xml2sdb.cpp:79
std::string Module
Definition: xml2sdb.h:37

Referenced by Database::fromXml().

◆ toSdb()

bool InExclude::toSdb ( PDB  pdb,
Database db 

Definition at line 256 of file xml2sdb.cpp.

257 {
259  db.WriteString(pdb, TAG_MODULE, Module, true);
260  if (Include)
262  return !!db.EndWriteListTag(pdb, tagid);
263 }
Definition: db.cpp:56
static PDB pdb
Definition: db.cpp:172
TAGID BeginWriteListTag(PDB pdb, TAG tag)
Definition: xml2sdb.cpp:624
bool Include
Definition: xml2sdb.h:38
void WriteString(PDB pdb, TAG tag, const sdbstring &str, bool always=false)
Definition: xml2sdb.cpp:601
Definition: sdbwrite.c:145
Definition: db.cpp:86
#define TAG_MODULE
Definition: db.cpp:99
BOOL EndWriteListTag(PDB pdb, TAGID tagid)
Definition: xml2sdb.cpp:629
std::string Module
Definition: xml2sdb.h:37

Member Data Documentation

◆ Include

bool InExclude::Include

Definition at line 38 of file xml2sdb.h.

Referenced by fromXml(), SeiAppendInExclude(), SeiIsExcluded(), and toSdb().

◆ Module

std::string InExclude::Module

Definition at line 37 of file xml2sdb.h.

Referenced by fromXml(), SeiAppendInExclude(), and toSdb().

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