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IFileOperation Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT Advise ([in] IFileOperationProgressSink *pfops, [out] DWORD *pdwCookie)
HRESULT Unadvise ([in] DWORD dwCookie)
HRESULT SetOperationFlags ([in] DWORD dwOperationFlags)
HRESULT SetProgressMessage ([in] LPCWSTR pszMessage)
HRESULT SetProgressDialog ([in] IOperationsProgressDialog *popd)
HRESULT SetProperties ([in] IPropertyChangeArray *pproparray)
HRESULT SetOwnerWindow ([in] HWND hwndOwner)
HRESULT ApplyPropertiesToItem ([in] IShellItem *psiItem)
HRESULT ApplyPropertiesToItems ([in] IUnknown *punkItems)
HRESULT RenameItem ([in] IShellItem *psiItem, [in] LPCWSTR pszNewName, [in] IFileOperationProgressSink *pfopsItem)
HRESULT RenameItems ([in] IUnknown *pUnkItems, [in] LPCWSTR pszNewName)
HRESULT MoveItem ([in] IShellItem *psiItem, [in] IShellItem *psiDestinationFolder, [in] LPCWSTR pszNewName, [in] IFileOperationProgressSink *pfopsItem)
HRESULT MoveItems ([in] IUnknown *punkItems, [in] IShellItem *psiDestinationFolder)
HRESULT CopyItem ([in] IShellItem *psiItem, [in] IShellItem *psiDestinationFolder, [in] LPCWSTR pszCopyName, [in] IFileOperationProgressSink *pfopsItem)
HRESULT CopyItems ([in] IUnknown *punkItems, [in] IShellItem *psiDestinationFolder)
HRESULT DeleteItem ([in] IShellItem *psiItem, [in] IFileOperationProgressSink *pfopsItem)
HRESULT DeleteItems ([in] IUnknown *punkItems)
HRESULT NewItem ([in] IShellItem *psiDestinationFolder, [in] DWORD dwFileAttributes, [in] LPCWSTR pszName, [in] LPCWSTR pszTemplateName, [in] IFileOperationProgressSink *pfopsItem)
HRESULT PerformOperations ()
HRESULT GetAnyOperationsAborted ([out] BOOL *pfAnyOperationsAborted)
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HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

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typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4629 of file shobjidl.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Advise()

HRESULT IFileOperation::Advise ( [in] IFileOperationProgressSink pfops,
[out] DWORD pdwCookie 

◆ ApplyPropertiesToItem()

HRESULT IFileOperation::ApplyPropertiesToItem ( [in] IShellItem psiItem)

◆ ApplyPropertiesToItems()

HRESULT IFileOperation::ApplyPropertiesToItems ( [in] IUnknown punkItems)

◆ CopyItem()

HRESULT IFileOperation::CopyItem ( [in] IShellItem psiItem,
[in] IShellItem psiDestinationFolder,
[in] LPCWSTR  pszCopyName,
[in] IFileOperationProgressSink pfopsItem 

◆ CopyItems()

HRESULT IFileOperation::CopyItems ( [in] IUnknown punkItems,
[in] IShellItem psiDestinationFolder 

◆ DeleteItem()

HRESULT IFileOperation::DeleteItem ( [in] IShellItem psiItem,
[in] IFileOperationProgressSink pfopsItem 

◆ DeleteItems()

HRESULT IFileOperation::DeleteItems ( [in] IUnknown punkItems)

◆ GetAnyOperationsAborted()

HRESULT IFileOperation::GetAnyOperationsAborted ( [out] BOOL pfAnyOperationsAborted)

◆ MoveItem()

HRESULT IFileOperation::MoveItem ( [in] IShellItem psiItem,
[in] IShellItem psiDestinationFolder,
[in] LPCWSTR  pszNewName,
[in] IFileOperationProgressSink pfopsItem 

◆ MoveItems()

HRESULT IFileOperation::MoveItems ( [in] IUnknown punkItems,
[in] IShellItem psiDestinationFolder 

◆ NewItem()

HRESULT IFileOperation::NewItem ( [in] IShellItem psiDestinationFolder,
[in] DWORD  dwFileAttributes,
[in] LPCWSTR  pszName,
[in] LPCWSTR  pszTemplateName,
[in] IFileOperationProgressSink pfopsItem 

◆ PerformOperations()

HRESULT IFileOperation::PerformOperations ( )

◆ RenameItem()

HRESULT IFileOperation::RenameItem ( [in] IShellItem psiItem,
[in] LPCWSTR  pszNewName,
[in] IFileOperationProgressSink pfopsItem 

◆ RenameItems()

HRESULT IFileOperation::RenameItems ( [in] IUnknown pUnkItems,
[in] LPCWSTR  pszNewName 

◆ SetOperationFlags()

HRESULT IFileOperation::SetOperationFlags ( [in] DWORD  dwOperationFlags)

◆ SetOwnerWindow()

HRESULT IFileOperation::SetOwnerWindow ( [in] HWND  hwndOwner)

◆ SetProgressDialog()

HRESULT IFileOperation::SetProgressDialog ( [in] IOperationsProgressDialog popd)

◆ SetProgressMessage()

HRESULT IFileOperation::SetProgressMessage ( [in] LPCWSTR  pszMessage)

◆ SetProperties()

HRESULT IFileOperation::SetProperties ( [in] IPropertyChangeArray pproparray)

◆ Unadvise()

HRESULT IFileOperation::Unadvise ( [in] DWORD  dwCookie)

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