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IAMTimelineGroup Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT SetTimeline (IAMTimeline *timeline)
HRESULT GetTimeline ([out] IAMTimeline **timeline)
HRESULT GetPriority (long *priority)
HRESULT GetMediaType ([out] AM_MEDIA_TYPE *)
HRESULT SetMediaType ([in] AM_MEDIA_TYPE *)
HRESULT SetOutputFPS (double fps)
HRESULT GetOutputFPS (double *fps)
HRESULT SetGroupName (BSTR name)
HRESULT GetGroupName ([out, retval] BSTR *name)
HRESULT SetPreviewMode (BOOL preview)
HRESULT GetPreviewMode (BOOL *preview)
HRESULT SetMediaTypeForVB ([in] long type)
HRESULT GetOutputBuffering ([out] int *buffer)
HRESULT SetOutputBuffering ([in] int buffer)
HRESULT SetSmartRecompressFormat (long *format)
HRESULT GetSmartRecompressFormat (long **format)
HRESULT IsSmartRecompressFormatSet (BOOL *set)
HRESULT IsRecompressFormatDirty (BOOL *dirty)
HRESULT ClearRecompressFormatDirty ()
HRESULT SetRecompFormatFromSource (IAMTimelineSrc *source)
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HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 460 of file qedit.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearRecompressFormatDirty()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::ClearRecompressFormatDirty ( )

◆ GetGroupName()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::GetGroupName ( [out, retval] BSTR name)

◆ GetMediaType()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::GetMediaType ( [out] AM_MEDIA_TYPE )

◆ GetOutputBuffering()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::GetOutputBuffering ( [out] int buffer)

◆ GetOutputFPS()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::GetOutputFPS ( double fps)

◆ GetPreviewMode()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::GetPreviewMode ( BOOL preview)

◆ GetPriority()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::GetPriority ( long priority)

◆ GetSmartRecompressFormat()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::GetSmartRecompressFormat ( long **  format)

◆ GetTimeline()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::GetTimeline ( [out] IAMTimeline **  timeline)

◆ IsRecompressFormatDirty()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::IsRecompressFormatDirty ( BOOL dirty)

◆ IsSmartRecompressFormatSet()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::IsSmartRecompressFormatSet ( BOOL set)

◆ SetGroupName()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::SetGroupName ( BSTR  name)

◆ SetMediaType()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::SetMediaType ( [in] AM_MEDIA_TYPE )

◆ SetMediaTypeForVB()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::SetMediaTypeForVB ( [in] long  type)

◆ SetOutputBuffering()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::SetOutputBuffering ( [in] int  buffer)

◆ SetOutputFPS()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::SetOutputFPS ( double  fps)

◆ SetPreviewMode()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::SetPreviewMode ( BOOL  preview)

◆ SetRecompFormatFromSource()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::SetRecompFormatFromSource ( IAMTimelineSrc source)

◆ SetSmartRecompressFormat()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::SetSmartRecompressFormat ( long format)

◆ SetTimeline()

HRESULT IAMTimelineGroup::SetTimeline ( IAMTimeline timeline)

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