ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8207-gd73a838
_xmlParserInputBuffer Struct Reference

#include <xmlIO.h>

Collaboration diagram for _xmlParserInputBuffer:

Public Attributes

xmlInputReadCallback readcallback
xmlInputCloseCallback closecallback
xmlCharEncodingHandlerPtr encoder
xmlBufPtr buffer
xmlBufPtr raw
int compressed
int error
unsigned long rawconsumed

Detailed Description

Definition at line 125 of file xmlIO.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ buffer

xmlBufPtr _xmlParserInputBuffer::buffer

Definition at line 132 of file xmlIO.h.

Referenced by xmlCtxtResetPush(), xmlNewInputFromFile(), and xmlNewIOInputStream().

◆ closecallback

xmlInputCloseCallback _xmlParserInputBuffer::closecallback

Definition at line 128 of file xmlIO.h.

◆ compressed

int _xmlParserInputBuffer::compressed

Definition at line 134 of file xmlIO.h.

Referenced by xmlParseDocument().

◆ context

void* _xmlParserInputBuffer::context

Definition at line 126 of file xmlIO.h.

◆ encoder

xmlCharEncodingHandlerPtr _xmlParserInputBuffer::encoder

Definition at line 130 of file xmlIO.h.

Referenced by xmlParseEncodingDecl().

◆ error

int _xmlParserInputBuffer::error

Definition at line 135 of file xmlIO.h.

◆ raw

xmlBufPtr _xmlParserInputBuffer::raw

Definition at line 133 of file xmlIO.h.

◆ rawconsumed

unsigned long _xmlParserInputBuffer::rawconsumed

Definition at line 136 of file xmlIO.h.

◆ readcallback

xmlInputReadCallback _xmlParserInputBuffer::readcallback

Definition at line 127 of file xmlIO.h.

Referenced by xmlGROW().

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