ReactOS  0.4.14-dev-822-g065afd9
pdo_device_extension Struct Reference

#include <btrfs_drv.h>

Collaboration diagram for pdo_device_extension:

Public Attributes

uint32_t type
bool removable
bool dont_report
uint64_t num_children
uint64_t children_loaded
ERESOURCE child_lock
LIST_ENTRY children
LIST_ENTRY list_entry

Detailed Description

Definition at line 861 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ child_lock

◆ children

◆ children_loaded

uint64_t pdo_device_extension::children_loaded

◆ dont_report

bool pdo_device_extension::dont_report

Definition at line 867 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by bus_query_device_relations(), and check_system_root().

◆ list_entry

LIST_ENTRY pdo_device_extension::list_entry

Definition at line 874 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by add_volume_device(), and remove_volume_child().

◆ num_children

uint64_t pdo_device_extension::num_children

◆ pdo

PDEVICE_OBJECT pdo_device_extension::pdo

◆ removable

bool pdo_device_extension::removable

Definition at line 866 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by _Function_class_(), and add_volume_device().

◆ type

uint32_t pdo_device_extension::type

Definition at line 862 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by add_volume_device().

◆ uuid

◆ vde

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