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CompilerState Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

const WCHARcpbegin
const WCHARcpend
const WCHARcp
size_t parenCount
size_t classCount
size_t treeDepth
size_t progLength
size_t classBitmapsMem
struct {
   const WCHAR *   start
   size_t   length
   size_t   index
WORD flags
struct {
   const WCHAR *   start
   size_t   length
   size_t   index

Detailed Description

Definition at line 294 of file regexp.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ classBitmapsMem

size_t CompilerState::classBitmapsMem

Definition at line 304 of file regexp.c.

◆  [1/2]

struct { ... } CompilerState::classCache[CLASS_CACHE_SIZE]

◆  [2/2]

struct { ... } CompilerState::classCache[CLASS_CACHE_SIZE]

◆ classCount

size_t CompilerState::classCount

Definition at line 300 of file regexp.c.

◆ context

void * CompilerState::context

Definition at line 295 of file regexp.c.

◆ cp

const WCHAR * CompilerState::cp

Definition at line 298 of file regexp.c.

◆ cpbegin

const WCHAR * CompilerState::cpbegin

Definition at line 296 of file regexp.c.

◆ cpend

const WCHAR * CompilerState::cpend

Definition at line 297 of file regexp.c.

◆ flags

WORD CompilerState::flags

Definition at line 310 of file regexp.c.

◆ index

size_t CompilerState::index

Definition at line 308 of file regexp.c.

◆ length

size_t CompilerState::length

Definition at line 307 of file regexp.c.

◆ parenCount

size_t CompilerState::parenCount

Definition at line 299 of file regexp.c.

◆ pool

heap_pool_t * CompilerState::pool

Definition at line 312 of file regexp.c.

◆ progLength

size_t CompilerState::progLength

Definition at line 302 of file regexp.c.

◆ result

RENode * CompilerState::result

Definition at line 303 of file regexp.c.

◆ start

const WCHAR* CompilerState::start

Definition at line 306 of file regexp.c.

◆ treeDepth

size_t CompilerState::treeDepth

Definition at line 301 of file regexp.c.

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