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ITfLangBarItemMgr Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT EnumItems ([out] IEnumTfLangBarItems **ppEnum)
HRESULT GetItem ([in] REFGUID rguid, [out] ITfLangBarItem **ppItem)
HRESULT AddItem ([in] ITfLangBarItem *punk)
HRESULT RemoveItem ([in] ITfLangBarItem *punk)
HRESULT AdviseItemSink ([in] ITfLangBarItemSink *punk, [out] DWORD *pdwCookie, [in] REFGUID rguidItem)
HRESULT UnadviseItemSink ([in] DWORD dwCookie)
HRESULT GetItemFloatingRect ([in] DWORD dwThreadId, [in] REFGUID rguid, [out] RECT *prc)
HRESULT GetItemsStatus ([in] ULONG ulCount, [in, size_is(ulCount)] const GUID *prgguid, [out, size_is(ulCount)] DWORD *pdwStatus)
HRESULT GetItemNum ([out] ULONG *pulCount)
HRESULT GetItems ([in] ULONG ulCount, [out, size_is(ulCount), length_is(*pcFetched)] ITfLangBarItem **ppItem, [out, size_is(ulCount), length_is(*pcFetched)] TF_LANGBARITEMINFO *pInfo, [out, size_is(ulCount), length_is(*pcFetched)] DWORD *pdwStatus, [in, out, unique] ULONG *pcFetched)
HRESULT AdviseItemsSink ([in] ULONG ulCount, [in, size_is(ulCount)] ITfLangBarItemSink **ppunk, [in, size_is(ulCount)] const GUID *pguidItem, [out, size_is(ulCount)] DWORD *pdwCookie)
HRESULT UnadviseItemsSink ([in] ULONG ulCount, [in, size_is(ulCount)] DWORD *pdwCookie)
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HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 202 of file ctfutb.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddItem()

HRESULT ITfLangBarItemMgr::AddItem ( [in] ITfLangBarItem punk)

◆ AdviseItemSink()

HRESULT ITfLangBarItemMgr::AdviseItemSink ( [in] ITfLangBarItemSink punk,
[out] DWORD pdwCookie,
[in] REFGUID  rguidItem 

◆ AdviseItemsSink()

HRESULT ITfLangBarItemMgr::AdviseItemsSink ( [in] ULONG  ulCount,
[in, size_is(ulCount)] ITfLangBarItemSink **  ppunk,
[in, size_is(ulCount)] const GUID pguidItem,
[out, size_is(ulCount)] DWORD pdwCookie 

◆ EnumItems()

HRESULT ITfLangBarItemMgr::EnumItems ( [out] IEnumTfLangBarItems **  ppEnum)

◆ GetItem()

HRESULT ITfLangBarItemMgr::GetItem ( [in] REFGUID  rguid,
[out] ITfLangBarItem **  ppItem 

◆ GetItemFloatingRect()

HRESULT ITfLangBarItemMgr::GetItemFloatingRect ( [in] DWORD  dwThreadId,
[in] REFGUID  rguid,
[out] RECT prc 

◆ GetItemNum()

HRESULT ITfLangBarItemMgr::GetItemNum ( [out] ULONG pulCount)

◆ GetItems()

HRESULT ITfLangBarItemMgr::GetItems ( [in] ULONG  ulCount,
[out, size_is(ulCount), length_is(*pcFetched)] ITfLangBarItem **  ppItem,
[out, size_is(ulCount), length_is(*pcFetched)] TF_LANGBARITEMINFO pInfo,
[out, size_is(ulCount), length_is(*pcFetched)] DWORD pdwStatus,
[in, out, unique] ULONG pcFetched 

◆ GetItemsStatus()

HRESULT ITfLangBarItemMgr::GetItemsStatus ( [in] ULONG  ulCount,
[in, size_is(ulCount)] const GUID prgguid,
[out, size_is(ulCount)] DWORD pdwStatus 

◆ RemoveItem()

HRESULT ITfLangBarItemMgr::RemoveItem ( [in] ITfLangBarItem punk)

◆ UnadviseItemSink()

HRESULT ITfLangBarItemMgr::UnadviseItemSink ( [in] DWORD  dwCookie)

◆ UnadviseItemsSink()

HRESULT ITfLangBarItemMgr::UnadviseItemsSink ( [in] ULONG  ulCount,
[in, size_is(ulCount)] DWORD pdwCookie 

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