ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7711-g5627da4
FT_StrokerRec_ Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for FT_StrokerRec_:

Public Attributes

FT_Angle angle_in
FT_Angle angle_out
FT_Vector center
FT_Fixed line_length
FT_Bool first_point
FT_Bool subpath_open
FT_Angle subpath_angle
FT_Vector subpath_start
FT_Fixed subpath_line_length
FT_Bool handle_wide_strokes
FT_Stroker_LineCap line_cap
FT_Stroker_LineJoin line_join
FT_Stroker_LineJoin line_join_saved
FT_Fixed miter_limit
FT_Fixed radius
FT_StrokeBorderRec borders [2]
FT_Library library

Detailed Description

Definition at line 772 of file ftstroke.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ angle_in

FT_Angle FT_StrokerRec_::angle_in

Definition at line 774 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ angle_out

FT_Angle FT_StrokerRec_::angle_out

Definition at line 775 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ borders

FT_StrokeBorderRec FT_StrokerRec_::borders[2]

Definition at line 791 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ center

FT_Vector FT_StrokerRec_::center

Definition at line 776 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ first_point

FT_Bool FT_StrokerRec_::first_point

Definition at line 778 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ handle_wide_strokes

FT_Bool FT_StrokerRec_::handle_wide_strokes

Definition at line 783 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ library

FT_Library FT_StrokerRec_::library

Definition at line 792 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ line_cap

FT_Stroker_LineCap FT_StrokerRec_::line_cap

Definition at line 785 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ line_join

FT_Stroker_LineJoin FT_StrokerRec_::line_join

Definition at line 786 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ line_join_saved

FT_Stroker_LineJoin FT_StrokerRec_::line_join_saved

Definition at line 787 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ line_length

FT_Fixed FT_StrokerRec_::line_length

Definition at line 777 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ miter_limit

FT_Fixed FT_StrokerRec_::miter_limit

Definition at line 788 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ radius

FT_Fixed FT_StrokerRec_::radius

Definition at line 789 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ subpath_angle

FT_Angle FT_StrokerRec_::subpath_angle

Definition at line 780 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ subpath_line_length

FT_Fixed FT_StrokerRec_::subpath_line_length

Definition at line 782 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ subpath_open

FT_Bool FT_StrokerRec_::subpath_open

Definition at line 779 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ subpath_start

FT_Vector FT_StrokerRec_::subpath_start

Definition at line 781 of file ftstroke.c.

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