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_xmlParserInput Struct Reference

#include <parser.h>

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Public Attributes

xmlParserInputBufferPtr buf
const charfilename
const chardirectory
const xmlCharbase
const xmlCharcur
const xmlCharend
int length
int line
int col
unsigned long consumed
xmlParserInputDeallocate free
const xmlCharencoding
const xmlCharversion
int standalone
int id

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file parser.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ base

◆ buf

◆ col

◆ consumed

unsigned long _xmlParserInput::consumed

◆ cur

◆ directory

const char* _xmlParserInput::directory

Definition at line 57 of file parser.h.

Referenced by xmlNewInputFromFile().

◆ encoding

const xmlChar* _xmlParserInput::encoding

◆ end

◆ filename

◆ free

xmlParserInputDeallocate _xmlParserInput::free

Definition at line 70 of file parser.h.

Referenced by xmlHaltParser().

◆ id

◆ length

int _xmlParserInput::length

Definition at line 61 of file parser.h.

Referenced by xmlHaltParser(), and xmlSAX2ExternalSubset().

◆ line

◆ standalone

int _xmlParserInput::standalone

Definition at line 73 of file parser.h.

Referenced by xmlParseDocument(), and xmlParseXMLDecl().

◆ version

const xmlChar* _xmlParserInput::version

Definition at line 72 of file parser.h.

Referenced by xmlParseExternalEntityPrivate(), and xmlParseTextDecl().

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