ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7924-g5949c20
T1_Builder_FuncsRec_ Struct Reference

#include <psaux.h>

Collaboration diagram for T1_Builder_FuncsRec_:

Public Attributes

void(* init )(T1_Builder builder, FT_Face face, FT_Size size, FT_GlyphSlot slot, FT_Bool hinting)
void(* done )(T1_Builder builder)
T1_Builder_Check_Points_Func check_points
T1_Builder_Add_Point_Func add_point
T1_Builder_Add_Point1_Func add_point1
T1_Builder_Add_Contour_Func add_contour
T1_Builder_Start_Point_Func start_point
T1_Builder_Close_Contour_Func close_contour

Detailed Description

Definition at line 699 of file psaux.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ add_contour

T1_Builder_Add_Contour_Func T1_Builder_FuncsRec_::add_contour

Definition at line 714 of file psaux.h.

◆ add_point

T1_Builder_Add_Point_Func T1_Builder_FuncsRec_::add_point

Definition at line 712 of file psaux.h.

◆ add_point1

T1_Builder_Add_Point1_Func T1_Builder_FuncsRec_::add_point1

Definition at line 713 of file psaux.h.

◆ check_points

T1_Builder_Check_Points_Func T1_Builder_FuncsRec_::check_points

Definition at line 711 of file psaux.h.

◆ close_contour

T1_Builder_Close_Contour_Func T1_Builder_FuncsRec_::close_contour

Definition at line 716 of file psaux.h.

◆ done

void(* T1_Builder_FuncsRec_::done) (T1_Builder builder)

Definition at line 708 of file psaux.h.

◆ init

void(* T1_Builder_FuncsRec_::init) (T1_Builder builder, FT_Face face, FT_Size size, FT_GlyphSlot slot, FT_Bool hinting)

Definition at line 701 of file psaux.h.

◆ start_point

T1_Builder_Start_Point_Func T1_Builder_FuncsRec_::start_point

Definition at line 715 of file psaux.h.

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