ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8119-g4fb2fdb
adns_answer Struct Reference

#include <adns.h>

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Public Attributes

adns_status status
adns_rrtype type
time_t expires
int nrrs
int rrsz
union {
   void *   untyped
   unsigned char *   bytes
   char **   str
   adns_rr_intstr **   manyistr
   adns_rr_addr *   addr
   struct in_addr *   inaddr
   adns_rr_hostaddr *   hostaddr
   adns_rr_intstrpair *   intstrpair
   adns_rr_strpair *   strpair
   adns_rr_inthostaddr *   inthostaddr
   adns_rr_intstr *   intstr
   adns_rr_soa *   soa

Detailed Description

Definition at line 310 of file adns.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ addr

adns_rr_addr* adns_answer::addr

Definition at line 322 of file adns.h.

Referenced by icb_hostaddr(), icb_ptr(), and Query_Main().

◆ bytes

unsigned char* adns_answer::bytes

Definition at line 319 of file adns.h.

Referenced by adns__procdgram(), adns__query_done(), main(), and makefinal_query().

◆ cname

char* adns_answer::cname

◆ expires

time_t adns_answer::expires

Definition at line 315 of file adns.h.

Referenced by adns__query_done(), main(), print_ttl(), and query_alloc().

◆ hostaddr

adns_rr_hostaddr* adns_answer::hostaddr

Definition at line 324 of file adns.h.

◆ inaddr

struct in_addr* adns_answer::inaddr

Definition at line 323 of file adns.h.

◆ inthostaddr

adns_rr_inthostaddr* adns_answer::inthostaddr

Definition at line 327 of file adns.h.

◆ intstr

adns_rr_intstr* adns_answer::intstr

Definition at line 328 of file adns.h.

◆ intstrpair

adns_rr_intstrpair* adns_answer::intstrpair

Definition at line 325 of file adns.h.

◆ manyistr

adns_rr_intstr** adns_answer::manyistr

Definition at line 321 of file adns.h.

◆ nrrs

◆ owner

char* adns_answer::owner

Definition at line 313 of file adns.h.

Referenced by main(), makefinal_query(), owner_show(), query_alloc(), and save_owner().


◆ rrsz

int adns_answer::rrsz

Definition at line 316 of file adns.h.

Referenced by adns__query_done(), makefinal_query(), query_alloc(), and query_done().

◆ soa

adns_rr_soa* adns_answer::soa

Definition at line 329 of file adns.h.

◆ status

◆ str

char** adns_answer::str

Definition at line 320 of file adns.h.

Referenced by main(), and proclog().

◆ strpair

adns_rr_strpair* adns_answer::strpair

Definition at line 326 of file adns.h.

◆ type

adns_rrtype adns_answer::type

Definition at line 314 of file adns.h.

Referenced by main(), print_dnsfail(), query_alloc(), and query_done().

◆ untyped

void* adns_answer::untyped

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