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IInstallEngine Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetEngineStatus (DWORD *status)
HRESULT SetCifFile (const char *cab_name, const char *cif_name)
HRESULT DownloadComponents (DWORD flags)
HRESULT InstallComponents (DWORD flags)
HRESULT EnumInstallIDs (UINT index, char **id)
HRESULT EnumDownloadIDs (UINT index, char **id)
HRESULT IsComponentInstalled (const char *id, DWORD *status)
HRESULT RegisterInstallEngineCallback (IInstallEngineCallback *callback)
HRESULT UnregisterInstallEngineCallback ()
HRESULT SetAction (const char *id, DWORD action, DWORD priority)
HRESULT GetSizes (const char *id, COMPONENT_SIZES *sizes)
HRESULT LaunchExtraCommand (const char *inf_name, const char *section)
HRESULT GetDisplayName (const char *id, const char *name)
HRESULT SetBaseUrl (const char *base_name)
HRESULT SetDownloadDir (const char *download_dir)
HRESULT SetInstallDrive (char drive)
HRESULT SetInstallOptions (DWORD flags)
HRESULT SetIStream (IStream *stream)
HRESULT Abort (DWORD flags)
HRESULT Suspend ()
HRESULT Resume ()
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HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 331 of file inseng.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Abort()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::Abort ( DWORD  flags)

◆ DownloadComponents()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::DownloadComponents ( DWORD  flags)

◆ EnumDownloadIDs()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::EnumDownloadIDs ( UINT  index,
char **  id 

◆ EnumInstallIDs()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::EnumInstallIDs ( UINT  index,
char **  id 

◆ GetDisplayName()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::GetDisplayName ( const char id,
const char name 

◆ GetEngineStatus()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::GetEngineStatus ( DWORD status)

◆ GetSizes()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::GetSizes ( const char id,

◆ InstallComponents()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::InstallComponents ( DWORD  flags)

◆ IsComponentInstalled()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::IsComponentInstalled ( const char id,
DWORD status 

◆ LaunchExtraCommand()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::LaunchExtraCommand ( const char inf_name,
const char section 

◆ RegisterInstallEngineCallback()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::RegisterInstallEngineCallback ( IInstallEngineCallback callback)

◆ Resume()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::Resume ( )

◆ SetAction()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::SetAction ( const char id,
DWORD  action,
DWORD  priority 

◆ SetBaseUrl()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::SetBaseUrl ( const char base_name)

◆ SetCifFile()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::SetCifFile ( const char cab_name,
const char cif_name 

◆ SetDownloadDir()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::SetDownloadDir ( const char download_dir)

◆ SetHWND()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::SetHWND ( HWND  hwnd)

◆ SetInstallDrive()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::SetInstallDrive ( char  drive)

◆ SetInstallOptions()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::SetInstallOptions ( DWORD  flags)

◆ SetIStream()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::SetIStream ( IStream stream)

◆ Suspend()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::Suspend ( )

◆ UnregisterInstallEngineCallback()

HRESULT IInstallEngine::UnregisterInstallEngineCallback ( )

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