ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8222-g9164419
PCF_FaceRec_ Struct Reference

#include <pcf.h>

Collaboration diagram for PCF_FaceRec_:

Public Attributes

FT_FaceRec root
FT_StreamRec comp_stream
FT_Stream comp_source
PCF_TocRec toc
PCF_AccelRec accel
int nprops
PCF_Property properties
FT_ULong nmetrics
PCF_Metric metrics
FT_ULong nencodings
PCF_Encoding encodings
FT_Short defaultChar
FT_ULong bitmapsFormat
FT_CharMap charmap_handle
FT_CharMapRec charmap

Detailed Description

Definition at line 135 of file pcf.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ accel

PCF_AccelRec PCF_FaceRec_::accel

Definition at line 146 of file pcf.h.

◆ bitmapsFormat

FT_ULong PCF_FaceRec_::bitmapsFormat

Definition at line 158 of file pcf.h.

◆ charmap

FT_CharMapRec PCF_FaceRec_::charmap

Definition at line 161 of file pcf.h.

◆ charmap_handle

FT_CharMap PCF_FaceRec_::charmap_handle

Definition at line 160 of file pcf.h.

◆ charset_encoding

char* PCF_FaceRec_::charset_encoding

Definition at line 142 of file pcf.h.

◆ charset_registry

char* PCF_FaceRec_::charset_registry

Definition at line 143 of file pcf.h.

◆ comp_source

FT_Stream PCF_FaceRec_::comp_source

Definition at line 140 of file pcf.h.

◆ comp_stream

FT_StreamRec PCF_FaceRec_::comp_stream

Definition at line 139 of file pcf.h.

◆ defaultChar

FT_Short PCF_FaceRec_::defaultChar

Definition at line 156 of file pcf.h.

◆ encodings

PCF_Encoding PCF_FaceRec_::encodings

Definition at line 154 of file pcf.h.

◆ metrics

PCF_Metric PCF_FaceRec_::metrics

Definition at line 152 of file pcf.h.

◆ nencodings

FT_ULong PCF_FaceRec_::nencodings

Definition at line 153 of file pcf.h.

◆ nmetrics

FT_ULong PCF_FaceRec_::nmetrics

Definition at line 151 of file pcf.h.

◆ nprops

int PCF_FaceRec_::nprops

Definition at line 148 of file pcf.h.

◆ properties

PCF_Property PCF_FaceRec_::properties

Definition at line 149 of file pcf.h.

◆ root

FT_FaceRec PCF_FaceRec_::root

Definition at line 137 of file pcf.h.

◆ toc

PCF_TocRec PCF_FaceRec_::toc

Definition at line 145 of file pcf.h.

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