ReactOS  0.4.14-dev-41-g31d7680
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2 #define DEFINE_THISCALL_WRAPPER(func, args) \
3  void __declspec(naked) __thiscall_ ## func (void) \
4  { \
5  __asm { pop eax } \
6  __asm { push ecx } \
7  __asm { push eax } \
8  __asm { jmp func } \
9  }
11 exception * __stdcall MSVCRT_exception_ctor(exception * _this, const char ** name);
12 exception * __stdcall MSVCRT_exception_ctor_noalloc(exception * _this, char ** name, int noalloc);
17 void * __stdcall MSVCRT_exception_vector_dtor(exception * _this, unsigned int flags);
18 void * __stdcall MSVCRT_exception_scalar_dtor(exception * _this, unsigned int flags);
19 const char * __stdcall MSVCRT_what_exception(exception * _this);
20 bad_typeid * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_copy_ctor(bad_typeid * _this, const bad_typeid * rhs);
21 bad_typeid * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_ctor(bad_typeid * _this, const char * name);
22 bad_typeid * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_default_ctor(bad_typeid * _this);
23 void __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_dtor(bad_typeid * _this);
24 bad_typeid * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_opequals(bad_typeid * _this, const bad_typeid * rhs);
25 void * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_vector_dtor(bad_typeid * _this, unsigned int flags);
26 void * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_scalar_dtor(bad_typeid * _this, unsigned int flags);
27 __non_rtti_object * __stdcall MSVCRT___non_rtti_object_copy_ctor(__non_rtti_object * _this, const __non_rtti_object * rhs);
28 __non_rtti_object * __stdcall MSVCRT___non_rtti_object_ctor(__non_rtti_object * _this, const char * name);
29 void __stdcall MSVCRT___non_rtti_object_dtor(__non_rtti_object * _this);
30 __non_rtti_object * __stdcall MSVCRT___non_rtti_object_opequals(__non_rtti_object * _this, const __non_rtti_object *rhs);
31 void * __stdcall MSVCRT___non_rtti_object_vector_dtor(__non_rtti_object * _this, unsigned int flags);
32 void * __stdcall MSVCRT___non_rtti_object_scalar_dtor(__non_rtti_object * _this, unsigned int flags);
33 bad_cast * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_ctor(bad_cast * _this, const char ** name);
34 bad_cast * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_copy_ctor(bad_cast * _this, const bad_cast * rhs);
35 bad_cast * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_ctor_charptr(bad_cast * _this, const char * name);
36 bad_cast * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_default_ctor(bad_cast * _this);
37 void __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_dtor(bad_cast * _this);
38 bad_cast * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_opequals(bad_cast * _this, const bad_cast * rhs);
39 void * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_vector_dtor(bad_cast * _this, unsigned int flags);
40 void * __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_scalar_dtor(bad_cast * _this, unsigned int flags);
43 int __stdcall MSVCRT_type_info_before(type_info * _this, const type_info * rhs);
45 const char * __stdcall MSVCRT_type_info_name(type_info * _this);
46 const char * __stdcall MSVCRT_type_info_raw_name(type_info * _this);
47 void * __stdcall MSVCRT_type_info_vector_dtor(type_info * _this, unsigned int flags);
49 #define __ASM_VTABLE(name,funcs)
50 //void *MSVCRT_ ## name ##_vtable[] =
void *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_scalar_dtor(bad_cast *_this, unsigned int flags)
Definition: cpp.c:542
exception __stdcall MSVCRT_exception_copy_ctor(exception *_this, const exception *rhs)
Definition: cpp.c:175
void __stdcall MSVCRT_type_info_dtor(type_info *_this)
Definition: cpp.c:587
bad_cast *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_copy_ctor(bad_cast *_this, const bad_cast *rhs)
Definition: cpp.c:465
__non_rtti_object *__stdcall MSVCRT___non_rtti_object_copy_ctor(__non_rtti_object *_this, const __non_rtti_object *rhs)
Definition: cpp.c:369
int __stdcall MSVCRT_type_info_opnot_equals(type_info *_this, const type_info *rhs)
Definition: cpp.c:565
bad_typeid *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_opequals(bad_typeid *_this, const bad_typeid *rhs)
Definition: cpp.c:323
exception __stdcall MSVCRT_exception_ctor(exception *_this, const char **name)
Definition: cpp.c:151
bad_typeid *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_default_ctor(bad_typeid *_this)
Definition: cpp.c:304
void __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_dtor(bad_typeid *_this)
Definition: cpp.c:313
void *__stdcall MSVCRT___non_rtti_object_scalar_dtor(__non_rtti_object *_this, unsigned int flags)
Definition: cpp.c:440
bad_cast *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_opequals(bad_cast *_this, const bad_cast *rhs)
Definition: cpp.c:508
bad_typeid *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_ctor(bad_typeid *_this, const char *name)
Definition: cpp.c:292
void *__stdcall MSVCRT_type_info_vector_dtor(type_info *_this, unsigned int flags)
Definition: cpp.c:639
__non_rtti_object *__stdcall MSVCRT___non_rtti_object_opequals(__non_rtti_object *_this, const __non_rtti_object *rhs)
Definition: cpp.c:405
int __stdcall MSVCRT_type_info_opequals_equals(type_info *_this, const type_info *rhs)
Definition: cpp.c:554
const char *__stdcall MSVCRT_type_info_raw_name(type_info *_this)
Definition: cpp.c:631
bad_cast *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_default_ctor(bad_cast *_this)
Definition: cpp.c:489
void __stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_dtor(bad_cast *_this)
Definition: cpp.c:498
void *__stdcall MSVCRT___non_rtti_object_vector_dtor(__non_rtti_object *_this, unsigned int flags)
Definition: cpp.c:417
void *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_scalar_dtor(bad_typeid *_this, unsigned int flags)
Definition: cpp.c:357
void *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_vector_dtor(bad_typeid *_this, unsigned int flags)
Definition: cpp.c:334
#define __stdcall
Definition: typedefs.h:25
GLbitfield flags
Definition: glext.h:7161
exception __stdcall MSVCRT_exception_default_ctor(exception *_this)
Definition: cpp.c:195
void *__stdcall MSVCRT_exception_scalar_dtor(exception *_this, unsigned int flags)
Definition: cpp.c:258
exception __stdcall MSVCRT_exception_ctor_noalloc(exception *_this, char **name, int noalloc)
Definition: cpp.c:162
const char *__stdcall MSVCRT_type_info_name(type_info *_this)
Definition: cpp.c:597
bad_cast *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_ctor_charptr(bad_cast *_this, const char *name)
Definition: cpp.c:477
exception __stdcall MSVCRT_exception_opequals(exception *_this, const exception *rhs)
Definition: cpp.c:219
__non_rtti_object *__stdcall MSVCRT___non_rtti_object_ctor(__non_rtti_object *_this, const char *name)
Definition: cpp.c:382
void __stdcall MSVCRT_exception_dtor(exception *_this)
Definition: cpp.c:208
bad_cast *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_ctor(bad_cast *_this, const char **name)
Definition: cpp.c:453
Definition: name.c:36
int __stdcall MSVCRT_type_info_before(type_info *_this, const type_info *rhs)
Definition: cpp.c:576
void __stdcall MSVCRT___non_rtti_object_dtor(__non_rtti_object *_this)
Definition: cpp.c:395
void *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_cast_vector_dtor(bad_cast *_this, unsigned int flags)
Definition: cpp.c:519
bad_typeid *__stdcall MSVCRT_bad_typeid_copy_ctor(bad_typeid *_this, const bad_typeid *rhs)
Definition: cpp.c:280
const char *__stdcall MSVCRT_what_exception(exception *_this)
Definition: cpp.c:270
void *__stdcall MSVCRT_exception_vector_dtor(exception *_this, unsigned int flags)
Definition: cpp.c:235