ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-4917-g934e521
stubs.cpp File Reference
#include "precomp.h"
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BOOL WINAPI InstallDevInst (IN HWND hWndParent, IN LPCWSTR InstanceId, IN BOOL bUpdate, OUT LPDWORD lpReboot)
unsigned long __stdcall pSetupGuidFromString (wchar_t const *, struct _GUID *)

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◆ InstallDevInst()

BOOL WINAPI InstallDevInst ( IN HWND  hWndParent,
IN LPCWSTR  InstanceId,
IN BOOL  bUpdate,
OUT LPDWORD  lpReboot 

Definition at line 24 of file stubs.cpp.

29 {
30  return FALSE;
31 }
#define FALSE
Definition: types.h:117

◆ pSetupGuidFromString()

unsigned long __stdcall pSetupGuidFromString ( wchar_t const ,
struct _GUID  

Definition at line 33 of file stubs.cpp.

34 {
35  return 1;
36 }