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O_nurbscurve Struct Reference

#include <reader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 O_nurbscurve (long _type)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PooledObj
voidoperator new (size_t, Pool &)
voidoperator new (size_t, void *)
voidoperator new (size_t s)
void operator delete (void *)
void operator delete (void *, Pool &)
void deleteMe (Pool &)

Public Attributes

long type
REAL tesselation
int method
int used
int save

Detailed Description

Definition at line 70 of file reader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ O_nurbscurve()

O_nurbscurve::O_nurbscurve ( long  _type)

Definition at line 79 of file reader.h.

80 { bezier_curves = 0; type = _type; tesselation = 0; method = 0; next = 0; used = 0; save = 0; owner = 0; }
Definition: dragdrop.c:54
GLuint GLuint GLsizei GLenum type
Definition: gl.h:1545
O_curve * owner
Definition: reader.h:78
int save
Definition: reader.h:77
int used
Definition: reader.h:76
O_nurbscurve * next
Definition: reader.h:75
REAL tesselation
Definition: reader.h:73
Quilt * bezier_curves
Definition: reader.h:71

Member Data Documentation

◆ bezier_curves

Quilt* O_nurbscurve::bezier_curves

◆ method

int O_nurbscurve::method

Definition at line 74 of file reader.h.

◆ next

◆ owner

O_curve* O_nurbscurve::owner

Definition at line 78 of file reader.h.

Referenced by NurbsTessellator::do_nurbscurve(), and O_nurbscurve().

◆ save

int O_nurbscurve::save

Definition at line 77 of file reader.h.

Referenced by NurbsTessellator::do_freecurveall(), and O_nurbscurve().

◆ tesselation

REAL O_nurbscurve::tesselation

Definition at line 73 of file reader.h.

Referenced by O_nurbscurve().

◆ type

long O_nurbscurve::type

Definition at line 72 of file reader.h.

◆ used

int O_nurbscurve::used

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