ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5461-g062a8f2
wscript.h File Reference
#include "ihost.h"
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IHost host_obj
IArguments2 arguments_obj
WCHAR scriptFullName []
WCHAR ** argums
int numOfArgs
VARIANT_BOOL wshInteractive

Variable Documentation

◆ arguments_obj

IArguments2 arguments_obj

Definition at line 140 of file arguments.c.

Referenced by Host_get_Arguments().

◆ arguments_ti

ITypeInfo* arguments_ti

◆ argums

WCHAR** argums

Definition at line 34 of file arguments.c.

Referenced by Arguments2_Item(), and wWinMain().

◆ host_obj

IHost host_obj

Definition at line 471 of file host.c.

Referenced by ActiveScriptSite_GetItemInfo(), and Host_get_Application().

◆ host_ti

◆ numOfArgs

int numOfArgs

Definition at line 35 of file arguments.c.

Referenced by Arguments2_Count(), Arguments2_get_length(), Arguments2_Item(), and wWinMain().

◆ scriptFullName

WCHAR scriptFullName[]

Definition at line 56 of file main.c.

Referenced by Host_get_ScriptFullName(), Host_get_ScriptName(), and wWinMain().

◆ wshInteractive

VARIANT_BOOL wshInteractive