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IShellBrowser Interface Reference
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Public Types

typedef IShellBrowserLPSHELLBROWSER
- Public Types inherited from IOleWindow
typedef IOleWindowLPOLEWINDOW
- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Public Member Functions

HRESULT InsertMenusSB ([in] HMENU hmenuShared, [in, out] LPOLEMENUGROUPWIDTHS lpMenuWidths)
HRESULT SetMenuSB ([in] HMENU hmenuShared, [in] HOLEMENU holemenuReserved, [in] HWND hwndActiveObject)
HRESULT RemoveMenusSB ([in] HMENU hmenuShared)
HRESULT SetStatusTextSB ([in, unique] LPCOLESTR pszStatusText)
HRESULT EnableModelessSB ([in] BOOL fEnable)
HRESULT TranslateAcceleratorSB ([in] MSG *pmsg, [in] WORD wID)
HRESULT BrowseObject ([in] PCUIDLIST_RELATIVE pidl, [in] UINT wFlags)
HRESULT GetViewStateStream ([in] DWORD grfMode, [out] IStream **ppStrm)
HRESULT GetControlWindow ([in] UINT id, [out] HWND *phwnd)
HRESULT SendControlMsg ([in] UINT id, [in] UINT uMsg, [in] WPARAM wParam, [in] LPARAM lParam, [in] LRESULT *pret)
HRESULT QueryActiveShellView ([out] IShellView **ppshv)
HRESULT OnViewWindowActive ([in] IShellView *pshv)
HRESULT SetToolbarItems ([in] LPTBBUTTONSB lpButtons, [in] UINT nButtons, [in] UINT uFlags)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IOleWindow
HRESULT GetWindow ([out] HWND *phwnd)
HRESULT ContextSensitiveHelp ([in] BOOL fEnterMode)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ BrowseObject()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::BrowseObject ( [in] PCUIDLIST_RELATIVE  pidl,
[in] UINT  wFlags 

Implemented in CDummyShellBrowser.

◆ EnableModelessSB()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::EnableModelessSB ( [in] BOOL  fEnable)

◆ GetControlWindow()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::GetControlWindow ( [in] UINT  id,
[out] HWND phwnd 

◆ GetViewStateStream()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::GetViewStateStream ( [in] DWORD  grfMode,
[out] IStream **  ppStrm 

◆ InsertMenusSB()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::InsertMenusSB ( [in] HMENU  hmenuShared,
[in, out] LPOLEMENUGROUPWIDTHS  lpMenuWidths 

◆ OnViewWindowActive()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::OnViewWindowActive ( [in] IShellView pshv)

◆ QueryActiveShellView()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::QueryActiveShellView ( [out] IShellView **  ppshv)

◆ RemoveMenusSB()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::RemoveMenusSB ( [in] HMENU  hmenuShared)

◆ SendControlMsg()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::SendControlMsg ( [in] UINT  id,
[in] UINT  uMsg,
[in] WPARAM  wParam,
[in] LPARAM  lParam,
[in] LRESULT pret 

◆ SetMenuSB()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::SetMenuSB ( [in] HMENU  hmenuShared,
[in] HOLEMENU  holemenuReserved,
[in] HWND  hwndActiveObject 

◆ SetStatusTextSB()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::SetStatusTextSB ( [in, unique] LPCOLESTR  pszStatusText)

◆ SetToolbarItems()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::SetToolbarItems ( [in] LPTBBUTTONSB  lpButtons,
[in] UINT  nButtons,
[in] UINT  uFlags 

Implemented in CDummyShellBrowser.

◆ TranslateAcceleratorSB()

HRESULT IShellBrowser::TranslateAcceleratorSB ( [in] MSG pmsg,
[in] WORD  wID 

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