ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-2704-gd5265b0
IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT Struct Reference


Collaboration diagram for IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT:

Public Attributes

DWORD clSize
DWORD rpcReserved
USHORT wReserved1
USHORT wReserved2
USHORT wReserved3
union {
   signed char   cVal
   USHORT   uiVal
   ULONG   ulVal
   INT   intVal
   UINT   uintVal
   BYTE   bVal
   SHORT   iVal
   LONG   lVal
   FLOAT   fltVal
   DOUBLE   dblVal
   VARIANT_BOOL   boolVal
   SCODE   scode
   DATE   date
   wireBSTR   bstrVal
   CY   cyVal
   DECIMAL   decVal
   IUnknown *   punkVal
   IDispatch *   pdispVal
   wireSAFEARRAY   parray
   signed char *   pcVal
   USHORT *   puiVal
   ULONG *   pulVal
   INT *   pintVal
   UINT *   puintVal
   BYTE *   pbVal
   SHORT *   piVal
   LONG *   plVal
   FLOAT *   pfltVal
   DOUBLE *   pdblVal
   VARIANT_BOOL *   pboolVal
   SCODE *   pscode
   DATE *   pdate
   wireBSTR *   pbstrVal
   wireVARIANT *   pvarVal
   CY *   pcyVal
   DECIMAL *   pdecVal
   IUnknown **   ppunkVal
   IDispatch **   ppdispVal
   wireSAFEARRAY *   pparray
   wireBRECORD   brecVal

Detailed Description

Definition at line 240 of file oaidl.idl.

Member Data Documentation

◆ boolVal

VARIANT_BOOL IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::boolVal

Definition at line 259 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ brecVal

wireBRECORD IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::brecVal

Definition at line 288 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ bstrVal

wireBSTR IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::bstrVal

Definition at line 262 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ bVal

BYTE IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::bVal

Definition at line 254 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ clSize

DWORD IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::clSize

Definition at line 241 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ cVal

signed char IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::cVal

Definition at line 248 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ cyVal

CY IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::cyVal

Definition at line 263 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ date

DATE IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::date

Definition at line 261 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ dblVal

DOUBLE IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::dblVal

Definition at line 258 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ decVal

DECIMAL IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::decVal

Definition at line 264 of file oaidl.idl.


union { ... } IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::DUMMYUNIONNAME

◆ fltVal

FLOAT IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::fltVal

Definition at line 257 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ intVal

INT IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::intVal

Definition at line 252 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ iVal

SHORT IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::iVal

Definition at line 255 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ lVal

LONG IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::lVal

Definition at line 256 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ parray

wireSAFEARRAY IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::parray

Definition at line 267 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pboolVal

VARIANT_BOOL* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pboolVal

Definition at line 278 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pbstrVal

wireBSTR* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pbstrVal

Definition at line 281 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pbVal

BYTE* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pbVal

Definition at line 273 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pcVal

signed char* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pcVal

Definition at line 268 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pcyVal

CY* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pcyVal

Definition at line 283 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pdate

DATE* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pdate

Definition at line 280 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pdblVal

DOUBLE* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pdblVal

Definition at line 277 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pdecVal

DECIMAL* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pdecVal

Definition at line 284 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pdispVal

IDispatch* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pdispVal

Definition at line 266 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pfltVal

FLOAT* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pfltVal

Definition at line 276 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pintVal

INT* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pintVal

Definition at line 271 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ piVal

SHORT* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::piVal

Definition at line 274 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ plVal

LONG* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::plVal

Definition at line 275 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pparray

wireSAFEARRAY* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pparray

Definition at line 287 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ ppdispVal

IDispatch** IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::ppdispVal

Definition at line 286 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ ppunkVal

IUnknown** IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::ppunkVal

Definition at line 285 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pscode

SCODE* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pscode

Definition at line 279 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ puintVal

UINT* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::puintVal

Definition at line 272 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ puiVal

USHORT* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::puiVal

Definition at line 269 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pulVal

ULONG* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pulVal

Definition at line 270 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ punkVal

IUnknown* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::punkVal

Definition at line 265 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ pvarVal

wireVARIANT* IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::pvarVal

Definition at line 282 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ rpcReserved

DWORD IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::rpcReserved

Definition at line 242 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ scode

SCODE IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::scode

Definition at line 260 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ uintVal

UINT IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::uintVal

Definition at line 253 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ uiVal

USHORT IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::uiVal

Definition at line 250 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ ulVal

ULONG IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::ulVal

Definition at line 251 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ vt

USHORT IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::vt

Definition at line 243 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ wReserved1

USHORT IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::wReserved1

Definition at line 244 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ wReserved2

USHORT IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::wReserved2

Definition at line 245 of file oaidl.idl.

◆ wReserved3

USHORT IOleAutomationTypes::_wireVARIANT::wReserved3

Definition at line 246 of file oaidl.idl.

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