ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8100-g1887773
d3d_vertex_buffer Struct Reference

#include <ddraw_private.h>

Collaboration diagram for d3d_vertex_buffer:

Public Attributes

IDirect3DVertexBuffer7 IDirect3DVertexBuffer7_iface
LONG ref
unsigned int version
struct wined3d_bufferwined3d_buffer
struct wined3d_vertex_declarationwined3d_declaration
struct ddrawddraw
DWORD size
BOOL dynamic

Detailed Description

Definition at line 552 of file ddraw_private.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Caps

DWORD d3d_vertex_buffer::Caps

Definition at line 564 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ ddraw

struct ddraw* d3d_vertex_buffer::ddraw

Definition at line 561 of file ddraw_private.h.

Referenced by d3d_vertex_buffer_create().

◆ dynamic

BOOL d3d_vertex_buffer::dynamic

Definition at line 567 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ fvf

◆ IDirect3DVertexBuffer7_iface

IDirect3DVertexBuffer7 d3d_vertex_buffer::IDirect3DVertexBuffer7_iface

◆ ref

LONG d3d_vertex_buffer::ref

Definition at line 555 of file ddraw_private.h.

Referenced by d3d_vertex_buffer7_AddRef().

◆ size

DWORD d3d_vertex_buffer::size

Definition at line 566 of file ddraw_private.h.

◆ version

unsigned int d3d_vertex_buffer::version

Definition at line 556 of file ddraw_private.h.

Referenced by d3d_vertex_buffer7_ProcessVertices().

◆ wined3d_buffer

◆ wined3d_declaration

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