ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8109-gd7be748
PluginHost Struct Reference

#include <pluginhost.h>

Collaboration diagram for PluginHost:

Public Attributes

IOleClientSite IOleClientSite_iface
IAdviseSinkEx IAdviseSinkEx_iface
IPropertyNotifySink IPropertyNotifySink_iface
IDispatch IDispatch_iface
IOleInPlaceSiteEx IOleInPlaceSiteEx_iface
IOleControlSite IOleControlSite_iface
IBindHost IBindHost_iface
IServiceProvider IServiceProvider_iface
LONG ref
CLSID clsid
HWND hwnd
RECT rect
BOOL ui_active
struct list entry

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file pluginhost.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ clsid

CLSID PluginHost::clsid

Definition at line 38 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ disp

IDispatch* PluginHost::disp

Definition at line 40 of file pluginhost.h.

Referenced by get_plugin_dispid().

◆ doc

HTMLDocumentNode* PluginHost::doc

Definition at line 46 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ element

HTMLPluginContainer* PluginHost::element

Definition at line 50 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ entry

struct list PluginHost::entry

Definition at line 47 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ hwnd

HWND PluginHost::hwnd

Definition at line 42 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ IAdviseSinkEx_iface

IAdviseSinkEx PluginHost::IAdviseSinkEx_iface

Definition at line 26 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ IBindHost_iface

IBindHost PluginHost::IBindHost_iface

Definition at line 31 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ IDispatch_iface

IDispatch PluginHost::IDispatch_iface

Definition at line 28 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ IOleClientSite_iface

IOleClientSite PluginHost::IOleClientSite_iface

Definition at line 25 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ IOleControlSite_iface

IOleControlSite PluginHost::IOleControlSite_iface

Definition at line 30 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ IOleInPlaceSiteEx_iface

IOleInPlaceSiteEx PluginHost::IOleInPlaceSiteEx_iface

Definition at line 29 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ ip_object

IOleInPlaceObject* PluginHost::ip_object

Definition at line 37 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ IPropertyNotifySink_iface

IPropertyNotifySink PluginHost::IPropertyNotifySink_iface

Definition at line 27 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ IServiceProvider_iface

IServiceProvider PluginHost::IServiceProvider_iface

Definition at line 32 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ plugin_unk

IUnknown* PluginHost::plugin_unk

◆ rect

RECT PluginHost::rect

Definition at line 43 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ ref

LONG PluginHost::ref

Definition at line 34 of file pluginhost.h.

◆ sink

PHEventSink* PluginHost::sink

Definition at line 49 of file pluginhost.h.

Referenced by bind_activex_event().

◆ ui_active

BOOL PluginHost::ui_active

Definition at line 44 of file pluginhost.h.

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