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security.h File Reference
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struct  ifaceISecurityInformationVbtl
struct  ifaceIEffectivePermissionVbtl
struct  ifaceISecurityObjectTypeInfoVbtl
struct  _CRegKeySecurity




typedef struct ISecurityInformation * LPSECURITYINFORMATION
typedef struct ifaceISecuritInformationVbtl ifaceISecurityInformationVbtl
typedef struct IEffectivePermission * LPEFFECTIVEPERMISSION
typedef struct ifaceIEffectivePermissionVbtl ifaceIEffectivePermissionVbtl
typedef struct ISecurityObjectTypeInfo * LPSECURITYOBJECTTYPEINFO
typedef struct ifaceISecurityObjectTypeInfoVbtl ifaceISecurityObjectTypeInfoVbtl
typedef struct _CRegKeySecurity CRegKeySecurity
typedef struct _CRegKeySecurityPCRegKeySecurity


BOOL InitializeAclUiDll (VOID)
VOID UnloadAclUiDll (VOID)

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Definition at line 9 of file security.h.

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◆ CRegKeySecurity

◆ ifaceIEffectivePermissionVbtl

◆ ifaceISecurityInformationVbtl

typedef struct ifaceISecuritInformationVbtl ifaceISecurityInformationVbtl

Definition at line 17 of file security.h.

◆ ifaceISecurityObjectTypeInfoVbtl


typedef struct IEffectivePermission* LPEFFECTIVEPERMISSION

Definition at line 87 of file security.h.


typedef struct ISecurityInformation* LPSECURITYINFORMATION

Definition at line 15 of file security.h.


typedef struct ISecurityObjectTypeInfo* LPSECURITYOBJECTTYPEINFO

Definition at line 115 of file security.h.

◆ PCRegKeySecurity

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◆ InitializeAclUiDll()

BOOL InitializeAclUiDll ( VOID  )

Definition at line 811 of file security.c.

812 {
813  if (!(hAclUiDll = LoadLibraryW(L"aclui.dll")))
814  {
815  return FALSE;
816  }
819  "EditSecurity")))
820  {
822  hAclUiDll = NULL;
823  return FALSE;
824  }
826  return TRUE;
827 }
#define TRUE
Definition: types.h:120
static HMODULE hAclUiDll
Definition: security.c:808
#define FALSE
Definition: types.h:117
#define LoadLibraryW(x)
Definition: compat.h:606
#define FreeLibrary(x)
Definition: compat.h:607
static const WCHAR L[]
Definition: oid.c:1250
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112
BOOL(WINAPI * PEDITSECURITY)(HWND hwndOwner, struct ISecurityInformation *psi)
Definition: security.c:804
#define GetProcAddress(x, y)
Definition: compat.h:612
static PEDITSECURITY pfnEditSecurity
Definition: security.c:807

Referenced by InitInstance().

◆ UnloadAclUiDll()

VOID UnloadAclUiDll ( VOID  )

Definition at line 830 of file security.c.

831 {
832  if (hAclUiDll != NULL)
833  {
835  }
836 }
static HMODULE hAclUiDll
Definition: security.c:808
#define FreeLibrary(x)
Definition: compat.h:607
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112

Referenced by ExitInstance().