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ICreateTypeInfo2 Interface Reference
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Public Types

typedef ICreateTypeInfo2LPCREATETYPEINFO2
- Public Types inherited from ICreateTypeInfo
- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Public Member Functions

HRESULT DeleteFuncDesc ([in] UINT index)
HRESULT DeleteFuncDescByMemId ([in] MEMBERID memid, [in] INVOKEKIND invKind)
HRESULT DeleteVarDesc ([in] UINT index)
HRESULT DeleteVarDescByMemId ([in] MEMBERID memid)
HRESULT DeleteImplType ([in] UINT index)
HRESULT SetCustData ([in] REFGUID guid, [in] VARIANT *pVarVal)
HRESULT SetFuncCustData ([in] UINT index, [in] REFGUID guid, [in] VARIANT *pVarVal)
HRESULT SetParamCustData ([in] UINT indexFunc, [in] UINT indexParam, [in] REFGUID guid, [in] VARIANT *pVarVal)
HRESULT SetVarCustData ([in] UINT index, [in] REFGUID guid, [in] VARIANT *pVarVal)
HRESULT SetImplTypeCustData ([in] UINT index, [in] REFGUID guid, [in] VARIANT *pVarVal)
HRESULT SetHelpStringContext ([in] ULONG dwHelpStringContext)
HRESULT SetFuncHelpStringContext ([in] UINT index, [in] ULONG dwHelpStringContext)
HRESULT SetVarHelpStringContext ([in] UINT index, [in] ULONG dwHelpStringContext)
HRESULT Invalidate ()
HRESULT SetName ([in] LPOLESTR szName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICreateTypeInfo
HRESULT SetGuid ([in] REFGUID guid)
HRESULT SetTypeFlags ([in] UINT uTypeFlags)
HRESULT SetDocString ([in] LPOLESTR pStrDoc)
HRESULT SetHelpContext ([in] DWORD dwHelpContext)
HRESULT SetVersion ([in] WORD wMajorVerNum, [in] WORD wMinorVerNum)
HRESULT AddRefTypeInfo ([in] ITypeInfo *pTInfo, [in] HREFTYPE *phRefType)
HRESULT AddFuncDesc ([in] UINT index, [in] FUNCDESC *pFuncDesc)
HRESULT AddImplType ([in] UINT index, [in] HREFTYPE hRefType)
HRESULT SetImplTypeFlags ([in] UINT index, [in] INT implTypeFlags)
HRESULT SetAlignment ([in] WORD cbAlignment)
HRESULT SetSchema ([in] LPOLESTR pStrSchema)
HRESULT AddVarDesc ([in] UINT index, [in] VARDESC *pVarDesc)
HRESULT SetFuncAndParamNames ([in] UINT index, [in, size_is(cNames)] LPOLESTR *rgszNames, [in] UINT cNames)
HRESULT SetVarName ([in] UINT index, [in] LPOLESTR szName)
HRESULT SetTypeDescAlias ([in] TYPEDESC *pTDescAlias)
HRESULT DefineFuncAsDllEntry ([in] UINT index, [in] LPOLESTR szDllName, [in] LPOLESTR szProcName)
HRESULT SetFuncDocString ([in] UINT index, [in] LPOLESTR szDocString)
HRESULT SetVarDocString ([in] UINT index, [in] LPOLESTR szDocString)
HRESULT SetFuncHelpContext ([in] UINT index, [in] DWORD dwHelpContext)
HRESULT SetVarHelpContext ([in] UINT index, [in] DWORD dwHelpContext)
HRESULT SetMops ([in] UINT index, [in] BSTR bstrMops)
HRESULT SetTypeIdldesc ([in] IDLDESC *pIdlDesc)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1454 of file oaidl.idl.

Member Typedef Documentation


Member Function Documentation

◆ DeleteFuncDesc()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::DeleteFuncDesc ( [in] UINT  index)

◆ DeleteFuncDescByMemId()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::DeleteFuncDescByMemId ( [in] MEMBERID  memid,
[in] INVOKEKIND  invKind 

◆ DeleteImplType()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::DeleteImplType ( [in] UINT  index)

◆ DeleteVarDesc()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::DeleteVarDesc ( [in] UINT  index)

◆ DeleteVarDescByMemId()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::DeleteVarDescByMemId ( [in] MEMBERID  memid)

◆ Invalidate()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::Invalidate ( )

◆ SetCustData()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::SetCustData ( [in] REFGUID  guid,
[in] VARIANT pVarVal 

◆ SetFuncCustData()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::SetFuncCustData ( [in] UINT  index,
[in] REFGUID  guid,
[in] VARIANT pVarVal 

◆ SetFuncHelpStringContext()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::SetFuncHelpStringContext ( [in] UINT  index,
[in] ULONG  dwHelpStringContext 

◆ SetHelpStringContext()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::SetHelpStringContext ( [in] ULONG  dwHelpStringContext)

◆ SetImplTypeCustData()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::SetImplTypeCustData ( [in] UINT  index,
[in] REFGUID  guid,
[in] VARIANT pVarVal 

◆ SetName()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::SetName ( [in] LPOLESTR  szName)

◆ SetParamCustData()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::SetParamCustData ( [in] UINT  indexFunc,
[in] UINT  indexParam,
[in] REFGUID  guid,
[in] VARIANT pVarVal 

◆ SetVarCustData()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::SetVarCustData ( [in] UINT  index,
[in] REFGUID  guid,
[in] VARIANT pVarVal 

◆ SetVarHelpStringContext()

HRESULT ICreateTypeInfo2::SetVarHelpStringContext ( [in] UINT  index,
[in] ULONG  dwHelpStringContext 

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