ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8428-g6910fa6
T1_Loader_ Struct Reference

#include <t1load.h>

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Public Attributes

T1_ParserRec parser
FT_Int num_chars
PS_TableRec encoding_table
FT_Int num_glyphs
PS_TableRec glyph_names
PS_TableRec charstrings
PS_TableRec swap_table
FT_Int num_subrs
PS_TableRec subrs
FT_Hash subrs_hash
FT_Bool fontdata
FT_UInt keywords_encountered

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file t1load.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ charstrings

PS_TableRec T1_Loader_::charstrings

Definition at line 44 of file t1load.h.

◆ encoding_table

PS_TableRec T1_Loader_::encoding_table

Definition at line 39 of file t1load.h.

◆ fontdata

FT_Bool T1_Loader_::fontdata

Definition at line 50 of file t1load.h.

◆ glyph_names

PS_TableRec T1_Loader_::glyph_names

Definition at line 43 of file t1load.h.

◆ keywords_encountered

FT_UInt T1_Loader_::keywords_encountered

Definition at line 52 of file t1load.h.

◆ num_chars

FT_Int T1_Loader_::num_chars

Definition at line 38 of file t1load.h.

◆ num_glyphs

FT_Int T1_Loader_::num_glyphs

Definition at line 42 of file t1load.h.

◆ num_subrs

FT_Int T1_Loader_::num_subrs

Definition at line 47 of file t1load.h.

◆ parser

T1_ParserRec T1_Loader_::parser

Definition at line 36 of file t1load.h.

◆ subrs

PS_TableRec T1_Loader_::subrs

Definition at line 48 of file t1load.h.

◆ subrs_hash

FT_Hash T1_Loader_::subrs_hash

Definition at line 49 of file t1load.h.

◆ swap_table

PS_TableRec T1_Loader_::swap_table

Definition at line 45 of file t1load.h.

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