ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8093-g3285f69
block_device Struct Reference

#include <module.h>

Collaboration diagram for block_device:

Public Attributes

unsigned long bd_flags
atomic_t bd_count
PFILE_OBJECT bd_volume
LARGE_MCB bd_extents
ERESOURCE bd_bh_lock
struct rb_root bd_bh_root
LIST_ENTRY bd_bh_free
KEVENT bd_bh_notify

Detailed Description

Definition at line 546 of file module.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bd_bh_cache

kmem_cache_t* block_device::bd_bh_cache

Definition at line 559 of file module.h.

◆ bd_bh_free

LIST_ENTRY block_device::bd_bh_free

Definition at line 562 of file module.h.

◆ bd_bh_lock

ERESOURCE block_device::bd_bh_lock

Definition at line 560 of file module.h.

Referenced by __brelse(), get_block_bh_mdl(), and get_block_bh_pin().

◆ bd_bh_notify

KEVENT block_device::bd_bh_notify

Definition at line 563 of file module.h.

◆ bd_bh_root

struct rb_root block_device::bd_bh_root

Definition at line 561 of file module.h.

Referenced by buffer_head_insert(), buffer_head_remove(), and buffer_head_search().

◆ bd_count

atomic_t block_device::bd_count

Definition at line 549 of file module.h.

◆ bd_dev

PDEVICE_OBJECT block_device::bd_dev

Definition at line 550 of file module.h.

◆ bd_extents

LARGE_MCB block_device::bd_extents

Definition at line 557 of file module.h.

◆ bd_flags

unsigned long block_device::bd_flags

Definition at line 548 of file module.h.

◆ bd_geo

DISK_GEOMETRY block_device::bd_geo

Definition at line 552 of file module.h.

◆ bd_name

ANSI_STRING block_device::bd_name

Definition at line 551 of file module.h.

◆ bd_part

PARTITION_INFORMATION block_device::bd_part

Definition at line 553 of file module.h.

◆ bd_priv

void* block_device::bd_priv

◆ bd_volume

PFILE_OBJECT block_device::bd_volume

Definition at line 556 of file module.h.

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