ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7931-gfd331f1
MSR_IA32_QM_CTR_REGISTER Union Reference

#include <ArchitecturalMsr.h>

Collaboration diagram for MSR_IA32_QM_CTR_REGISTER:

Public Attributes

struct {
   UINT32   ResourceMonitoredData: 32
   UINT32   ResourceMonitoredDataHi: 30
   UINT32   Unavailable: 1
   UINT32   Error: 1
UINT64 Uint64

Detailed Description

MSR information returned for MSR index MSR_IA32_QM_CTR

Definition at line 6006 of file ArchitecturalMsr.h.

Member Data Documentation


struct { ... } MSR_IA32_QM_CTR_REGISTER::Bits

Individual bit fields

◆ Error


[Bit 63] Error: If 1, indicates and unsupported RMID or event type was written to IA32_PQR_QM_EVTSEL.

Definition at line 6028 of file ArchitecturalMsr.h.

◆ ResourceMonitoredData

UINT32 MSR_IA32_QM_CTR_REGISTER::ResourceMonitoredData

[Bits 31:0] Resource Monitored Data.

Definition at line 6014 of file ArchitecturalMsr.h.

◆ ResourceMonitoredDataHi

UINT32 MSR_IA32_QM_CTR_REGISTER::ResourceMonitoredDataHi

[Bits 61:32] Resource Monitored Data.

Definition at line 6018 of file ArchitecturalMsr.h.

◆ Uint64


All bit fields as a 64-bit value

Definition at line 6033 of file ArchitecturalMsr.h.

◆ Unavailable


[Bit 62] Unavailable: If 1, indicates data for this RMID is not available or not monitored for this resource or RMID.

Definition at line 6023 of file ArchitecturalMsr.h.

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