ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7670-g69b08be
hlsl_type Struct Reference

#include <d3dcompiler_private.h>

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Public Attributes

struct list entry
struct wine_rb_entry scope_entry
enum hlsl_type_class type
enum hlsl_base_type base_type
enum hlsl_sampler_dim sampler_dim
const charname
unsigned int modifiers
unsigned int dimx
unsigned int dimy
union {
   struct list *   elements
   struct {
      struct hlsl_type *   type
      unsigned int   elements_count
   }   array

Detailed Description

Definition at line 669 of file d3dcompiler_private.h.

Member Data Documentation


◆ base_type

◆ dimx

◆ dimy


◆ elements

struct list* hlsl_type::elements

◆ elements_count

unsigned int hlsl_type::elements_count

Definition at line 686 of file d3dcompiler_private.h.

◆ entry

struct list hlsl_type::entry

Definition at line 671 of file d3dcompiler_private.h.

◆ modifiers

unsigned int hlsl_type::modifiers

Definition at line 677 of file d3dcompiler_private.h.

Referenced by clone_hlsl_type(), compare_hlsl_types(), and new_array_type().

◆ name

const char* hlsl_type::name

Definition at line 676 of file d3dcompiler_private.h.

Referenced by clone_hlsl_type(), and new_hlsl_type().

◆ sampler_dim

enum hlsl_sampler_dim hlsl_type::sampler_dim

◆ scope_entry

struct wine_rb_entry hlsl_type::scope_entry

Definition at line 672 of file d3dcompiler_private.h.

Referenced by compare_hlsl_types_rb().

◆ type [1/2]

◆ type [2/2]

struct hlsl_type* hlsl_type::type

Definition at line 685 of file d3dcompiler_private.h.

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