ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5137-g826bd41
debug.c File Reference
#include <win32k.h>
#include <debug.h>
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#define NDEBUG


VOID APIENTRY EngDebugPrint (_In_z_ PCHAR StandardPrefix, _In_z_ PCHAR DebugMessage, _In_ va_list ap)

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#define NDEBUG

Definition at line 11 of file debug.c.

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◆ EngDebugPrint()

VOID APIENTRY EngDebugPrint ( _In_z_ PCHAR  StandardPrefix,
_In_z_ PCHAR  DebugMessage,
_In_ va_list  ap 

Definition at line 19 of file debug.c.

23 {
24  vDbgPrintExWithPrefix(StandardPrefix,
25  -1,
27  DebugMessage,
28  ap);
29 }
ULONG NTAPI vDbgPrintExWithPrefix(IN LPCSTR Prefix, IN ULONG ComponentId, IN ULONG Level, IN LPCSTR Format, IN va_list ap)
Definition: main.cpp:32
void int int ULONGLONG int va_list * ap
Definition: winesup.h:32

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