ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8235-gcd88a97
gl_pixel_attrib Struct Reference

#include <types.h>

Public Attributes

GLenum ReadBuffer
GLfloat RedBias
GLfloat RedScale
GLfloat GreenBias
GLfloat GreenScale
GLfloat BlueBias
GLfloat BlueScale
GLfloat AlphaBias
GLfloat AlphaScale
GLfloat DepthBias
GLfloat DepthScale
GLint IndexShift
GLint IndexOffset
GLboolean MapColorFlag
GLboolean MapStencilFlag
GLfloat ZoomX
GLfloat ZoomY
GLint MapStoSsize
GLint MapItoIsize
GLint MapItoRsize
GLint MapItoGsize
GLint MapItoBsize
GLint MapItoAsize
GLint MapRtoRsize
GLint MapGtoGsize
GLint MapBtoBsize
GLint MapAtoAsize

Detailed Description

Definition at line 807 of file types.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AlphaBias

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::AlphaBias

Definition at line 812 of file types.h.

◆ AlphaScale

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::AlphaScale

Definition at line 812 of file types.h.

◆ BlueBias

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::BlueBias

Definition at line 811 of file types.h.

◆ BlueScale

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::BlueScale

Definition at line 811 of file types.h.

◆ DepthBias

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::DepthBias

Definition at line 813 of file types.h.

◆ DepthScale

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::DepthScale

Definition at line 813 of file types.h.

◆ GreenBias

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::GreenBias

Definition at line 810 of file types.h.

◆ GreenScale

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::GreenScale

Definition at line 810 of file types.h.

◆ IndexOffset

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::IndexOffset

Definition at line 815 of file types.h.

◆ IndexShift

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::IndexShift

Definition at line 814 of file types.h.

◆ MapAtoA

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::MapAtoA[MAX_PIXEL_MAP_TABLE]

Definition at line 840 of file types.h.

◆ MapAtoAsize

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::MapAtoAsize

Definition at line 830 of file types.h.

◆ MapBtoB

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::MapBtoB[MAX_PIXEL_MAP_TABLE]

Definition at line 839 of file types.h.

◆ MapBtoBsize

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::MapBtoBsize

Definition at line 829 of file types.h.

◆ MapColorFlag

GLboolean gl_pixel_attrib::MapColorFlag

Definition at line 816 of file types.h.

◆ MapGtoG

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::MapGtoG[MAX_PIXEL_MAP_TABLE]

Definition at line 838 of file types.h.

◆ MapGtoGsize

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::MapGtoGsize

Definition at line 828 of file types.h.

◆ MapItoA

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::MapItoA[MAX_PIXEL_MAP_TABLE]

Definition at line 836 of file types.h.

◆ MapItoAsize

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::MapItoAsize

Definition at line 826 of file types.h.

◆ MapItoB

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::MapItoB[MAX_PIXEL_MAP_TABLE]

Definition at line 835 of file types.h.

◆ MapItoBsize

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::MapItoBsize

Definition at line 825 of file types.h.

◆ MapItoG

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::MapItoG[MAX_PIXEL_MAP_TABLE]

Definition at line 834 of file types.h.

◆ MapItoGsize

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::MapItoGsize

Definition at line 824 of file types.h.

◆ MapItoI

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::MapItoI[MAX_PIXEL_MAP_TABLE]

Definition at line 832 of file types.h.

◆ MapItoIsize

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::MapItoIsize

Definition at line 822 of file types.h.

◆ MapItoR

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::MapItoR[MAX_PIXEL_MAP_TABLE]

Definition at line 833 of file types.h.

◆ MapItoRsize

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::MapItoRsize

Definition at line 823 of file types.h.

◆ MapRtoR

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::MapRtoR[MAX_PIXEL_MAP_TABLE]

Definition at line 837 of file types.h.

◆ MapRtoRsize

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::MapRtoRsize

Definition at line 827 of file types.h.

◆ MapStencilFlag

GLboolean gl_pixel_attrib::MapStencilFlag

Definition at line 817 of file types.h.

◆ MapStoS

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::MapStoS[MAX_PIXEL_MAP_TABLE]

Definition at line 831 of file types.h.

◆ MapStoSsize

GLint gl_pixel_attrib::MapStoSsize

Definition at line 821 of file types.h.

◆ ReadBuffer

GLenum gl_pixel_attrib::ReadBuffer

Definition at line 808 of file types.h.

◆ RedBias

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::RedBias

Definition at line 809 of file types.h.

◆ RedScale

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::RedScale

Definition at line 809 of file types.h.

◆ ZoomX

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::ZoomX

Definition at line 818 of file types.h.

◆ ZoomY

GLfloat gl_pixel_attrib::ZoomY

Definition at line 819 of file types.h.

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