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IUriBuilder Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT CreateUriSimple ([in] DWORD dwAllowEncodingPropertyMask, [in] DWORD_PTR dwReserved, [out] IUri **ppIUri)
HRESULT CreateUri ([in] DWORD dwCreateFlags, [in] DWORD dwAllowEncodingPropertyMask, [in] DWORD_PTR dwReserved, [out] IUri **ppIUri)
HRESULT CreateUriWithFlags ([in] DWORD dwCreateFlags, [in] DWORD dwUriBuilderFlags, [in] DWORD dwAllowEncodingPropertyMask, [in] DWORD_PTR dwReserved, [out] IUri **ppIUri)
HRESULT GetIUri ([out] IUri **ppIUri)
HRESULT SetIUri ([in, unique] IUri *pIUri)
HRESULT GetFragment ([out] DWORD *pcchFragment, [out] LPCWSTR *ppwzFragment)
HRESULT GetHost ([out] DWORD *pcchHost, [out] LPCWSTR *ppwzHost)
HRESULT GetPassword ([out] DWORD *pcchPassword, [out] LPCWSTR *ppwzPassword)
HRESULT GetPath ([out] DWORD *pcchPath, [out] LPCWSTR *ppwzPath)
HRESULT GetPort ([out] BOOL *pfHasPort, [out] DWORD *pdwPort)
HRESULT GetQuery ([out] DWORD *pcchQuery, [out] LPCWSTR *ppwzQuery)
HRESULT GetSchemeName ([out] DWORD *pcchSchemeName, [out] LPCWSTR *ppwzSchemeName)
HRESULT GetUserName ([out] DWORD *pcchUserName, [out] LPCWSTR *ppwzUserName)
HRESULT SetFragment ([in] LPCWSTR pwzNewValue)
HRESULT SetHost ([in] LPCWSTR pwzNewValue)
HRESULT SetPassword ([in] LPCWSTR pwzNewValue)
HRESULT SetPath ([in] LPCWSTR pwzNewValue)
HRESULT SetPort ([in] BOOL fHasPort, [in] DWORD dwNewValue)
HRESULT SetQuery ([in] LPCWSTR pwzNewValue)
HRESULT SetSchemeName ([in] LPCWSTR pwzNewValue)
HRESULT SetUserName ([in] LPCWSTR pwzNewValue)
HRESULT RemoveProperties ([in] DWORD dwPropertyMask)
HRESULT HasBeenModified ([out] BOOL *pfModified)
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HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1913 of file urlmon.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateUri()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::CreateUri ( [in] DWORD  dwCreateFlags,
[in] DWORD  dwAllowEncodingPropertyMask,
[in] DWORD_PTR  dwReserved,
[out] IUri **  ppIUri 

◆ CreateUriSimple()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::CreateUriSimple ( [in] DWORD  dwAllowEncodingPropertyMask,
[in] DWORD_PTR  dwReserved,
[out] IUri **  ppIUri 

◆ CreateUriWithFlags()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::CreateUriWithFlags ( [in] DWORD  dwCreateFlags,
[in] DWORD  dwUriBuilderFlags,
[in] DWORD  dwAllowEncodingPropertyMask,
[in] DWORD_PTR  dwReserved,
[out] IUri **  ppIUri 

◆ GetFragment()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::GetFragment ( [out] DWORD pcchFragment,
[out] LPCWSTR ppwzFragment 

◆ GetHost()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::GetHost ( [out] DWORD pcchHost,
[out] LPCWSTR ppwzHost 

◆ GetIUri()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::GetIUri ( [out] IUri **  ppIUri)

◆ GetPassword()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::GetPassword ( [out] DWORD pcchPassword,
[out] LPCWSTR ppwzPassword 

◆ GetPath()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::GetPath ( [out] DWORD pcchPath,
[out] LPCWSTR ppwzPath 

◆ GetPort()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::GetPort ( [out] BOOL pfHasPort,
[out] DWORD pdwPort 

◆ GetQuery()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::GetQuery ( [out] DWORD pcchQuery,
[out] LPCWSTR ppwzQuery 

◆ GetSchemeName()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::GetSchemeName ( [out] DWORD pcchSchemeName,
[out] LPCWSTR ppwzSchemeName 

◆ GetUserName()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::GetUserName ( [out] DWORD pcchUserName,
[out] LPCWSTR ppwzUserName 

◆ HasBeenModified()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::HasBeenModified ( [out] BOOL pfModified)

◆ RemoveProperties()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::RemoveProperties ( [in] DWORD  dwPropertyMask)

◆ SetFragment()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::SetFragment ( [in] LPCWSTR  pwzNewValue)

◆ SetHost()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::SetHost ( [in] LPCWSTR  pwzNewValue)

◆ SetIUri()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::SetIUri ( [in, unique] IUri pIUri)

◆ SetPassword()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::SetPassword ( [in] LPCWSTR  pwzNewValue)

◆ SetPath()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::SetPath ( [in] LPCWSTR  pwzNewValue)

◆ SetPort()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::SetPort ( [in] BOOL  fHasPort,
[in] DWORD  dwNewValue 

◆ SetQuery()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::SetQuery ( [in] LPCWSTR  pwzNewValue)

◆ SetSchemeName()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::SetSchemeName ( [in] LPCWSTR  pwzNewValue)

◆ SetUserName()

HRESULT IUriBuilder::SetUserName ( [in] LPCWSTR  pwzNewValue)

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