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nsIDOMLocation Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

nsresult GetHash (nsAString *aHash)
nsresult SetHash (const nsAString *aHash)
nsresult GetHost (nsAString *aHost)
nsresult SetHost (const nsAString *aHost)
nsresult GetHostname (nsAString *aHostname)
nsresult SetHostname (const nsAString *aHostname)
nsresult GetHref (nsAString *aHref)
nsresult SetHref (const nsAString *aHref)
nsresult GetPathname (nsAString *aPathname)
nsresult SetPathname (const nsAString *aPathname)
nsresult GetPort (nsAString *aPort)
nsresult SetPort (const nsAString *aPort)
nsresult GetProtocol (nsAString *aProtocol)
nsresult SetProtocol (const nsAString *aProtocol)
nsresult GetSearch (nsAString *aSearch)
nsresult SetSearch (const nsAString *aSearch)
nsresult GetOrigin (nsAString *aOrigin)
nsresult Reload (bool forceget)
nsresult Replace (const nsAString *url)
nsresult Assign (const nsAString *url)
nsresult ToString (nsAString *_retval)
nsresult ValueOf (nsIDOMLocation **_retval)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nsISupports
nsresult QueryInterface (nsIIDRef riid, void **result)
nsrefcnt AddRef ()
nsrefcnt Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 733 of file nsiface.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Assign()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::Assign ( const nsAString url)

◆ GetHash()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::GetHash ( nsAString aHash)

◆ GetHost()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::GetHost ( nsAString aHost)

◆ GetHostname()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::GetHostname ( nsAString aHostname)

◆ GetHref()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::GetHref ( nsAString aHref)

◆ GetOrigin()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::GetOrigin ( nsAString aOrigin)

◆ GetPathname()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::GetPathname ( nsAString aPathname)

◆ GetPort()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::GetPort ( nsAString aPort)

◆ GetProtocol()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::GetProtocol ( nsAString aProtocol)

◆ GetSearch()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::GetSearch ( nsAString aSearch)

◆ Reload()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::Reload ( bool  forceget)

◆ Replace()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::Replace ( const nsAString url)

◆ SetHash()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::SetHash ( const nsAString aHash)

◆ SetHost()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::SetHost ( const nsAString aHost)

◆ SetHostname()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::SetHostname ( const nsAString aHostname)

◆ SetHref()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::SetHref ( const nsAString aHref)

◆ SetPathname()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::SetPathname ( const nsAString aPathname)

◆ SetPort()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::SetPort ( const nsAString aPort)

◆ SetProtocol()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::SetProtocol ( const nsAString aProtocol)

◆ SetSearch()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::SetSearch ( const nsAString aSearch)

◆ ToString()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::ToString ( nsAString _retval)

◆ ValueOf()

nsresult nsIDOMLocation::ValueOf ( nsIDOMLocation **  _retval)

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