ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8191-gbc6c731
FT_CMap_ClassRec_ Struct Reference

#include <ftobjs.h>

Collaboration diagram for FT_CMap_ClassRec_:

Public Attributes

FT_ULong size
FT_CMap_InitFunc init
FT_CMap_DoneFunc done
FT_CMap_CharIndexFunc char_index
FT_CMap_CharNextFunc char_next
FT_CMap_CharVarIndexFunc char_var_index
FT_CMap_CharVarIsDefaultFunc char_var_default
FT_CMap_VariantListFunc variant_list
FT_CMap_CharVariantListFunc charvariant_list
FT_CMap_VariantCharListFunc variantchar_list

Detailed Description

Definition at line 210 of file ftobjs.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ char_index

FT_CMap_CharIndexFunc FT_CMap_ClassRec_::char_index

Definition at line 216 of file ftobjs.h.

Referenced by FT_Get_Char_Index().

◆ char_next

FT_CMap_CharNextFunc FT_CMap_ClassRec_::char_next

Definition at line 217 of file ftobjs.h.

Referenced by FT_Get_Next_Char().

◆ char_var_default

FT_CMap_CharVarIsDefaultFunc FT_CMap_ClassRec_::char_var_default

Definition at line 223 of file ftobjs.h.

Referenced by FT_Face_GetCharVariantIsDefault().

◆ char_var_index

FT_CMap_CharVarIndexFunc FT_CMap_ClassRec_::char_var_index

Definition at line 222 of file ftobjs.h.

Referenced by FT_Face_GetCharVariantIndex().

◆ charvariant_list

FT_CMap_CharVariantListFunc FT_CMap_ClassRec_::charvariant_list

Definition at line 225 of file ftobjs.h.

Referenced by FT_Face_GetVariantsOfChar().

◆ done

FT_CMap_DoneFunc FT_CMap_ClassRec_::done

Definition at line 215 of file ftobjs.h.

Referenced by ft_cmap_done_internal().

◆ init

FT_CMap_InitFunc FT_CMap_ClassRec_::init

Definition at line 214 of file ftobjs.h.

◆ size

FT_ULong FT_CMap_ClassRec_::size

Definition at line 212 of file ftobjs.h.

◆ variant_list

FT_CMap_VariantListFunc FT_CMap_ClassRec_::variant_list

Definition at line 224 of file ftobjs.h.

Referenced by FT_Face_GetVariantSelectors().

◆ variantchar_list

FT_CMap_VariantCharListFunc FT_CMap_ClassRec_::variantchar_list

Definition at line 226 of file ftobjs.h.

Referenced by FT_Face_GetCharsOfVariant().

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