ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-4874-g57c84dd
config.h File Reference
#include <httpd.h>
#include <list.h>
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class  CConfig


#define APP_DESCRIPTION   _T("ReactOS HTTP Daemon")
#define dcfgDescription   _T("Default configuration")
#define dcfgMainBase   _T("C:\\roshttpd\\")
#define dcfgHttpBase   _T("C:\\roshttpd\\HttpBase\\")
#define dcfgDefaultResource   _T("index.html")
#define dcfgDefaultPort   80


typedef CConfigLPCConfig


LPCConfig pConfiguration
LPCHttpDaemonThread pDaemonThread

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#define APP_DESCRIPTION   _T("ReactOS HTTP Daemon")

Definition at line 13 of file config.h.

◆ dcfgDefaultPort

#define dcfgDefaultPort   80

Definition at line 20 of file config.h.

◆ dcfgDefaultResource

#define dcfgDefaultResource   _T("index.html")

Definition at line 19 of file config.h.

◆ dcfgDescription

#define dcfgDescription   _T("Default configuration")

Definition at line 16 of file config.h.

◆ dcfgHttpBase

#define dcfgHttpBase   _T("C:\\roshttpd\\HttpBase\\")

Definition at line 18 of file config.h.

◆ dcfgMainBase

#define dcfgMainBase   _T("C:\\roshttpd\\")

Definition at line 17 of file config.h.

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◆ LPCConfig

typedef CConfig* LPCConfig

Definition at line 44 of file config.h.

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◆ pConfiguration

LPCConfig pConfiguration

◆ pDaemonThread

LPCHttpDaemonThread pDaemonThread

Definition at line 19 of file config.cpp.

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