ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8207-gd73a838
acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2 Struct Reference

#include <actbl2.h>

Collaboration diagram for acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2:

Public Attributes

UINT32 PlatformInterrupt
UINT8 Flags
UINT8 Reserved
UINT64 BaseAddress
UINT64 Length
UINT64 PreserveMask
UINT64 WriteMask
UINT32 Latency
UINT32 MaxAccessRate
UINT16 MinTurnaroundTime
UINT64 AckPreserveMask
UINT64 AckWriteMask

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2356 of file actbl2.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AckPreserveMask

UINT64 acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::AckPreserveMask

Definition at line 2371 of file actbl2.h.

◆ AckWriteMask

UINT64 acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::AckWriteMask

Definition at line 2372 of file actbl2.h.

◆ BaseAddress

UINT64 acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::BaseAddress

Definition at line 2362 of file actbl2.h.

◆ DoorbellRegister

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::DoorbellRegister

Definition at line 2364 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Flags

UINT8 acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::Flags

Definition at line 2360 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Header

ACPI_SUBTABLE_HEADER acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::Header

Definition at line 2358 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Latency

UINT32 acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::Latency

Definition at line 2367 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Length

UINT64 acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::Length

Definition at line 2363 of file actbl2.h.

◆ MaxAccessRate

UINT32 acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::MaxAccessRate

Definition at line 2368 of file actbl2.h.

◆ MinTurnaroundTime

UINT16 acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::MinTurnaroundTime

Definition at line 2369 of file actbl2.h.

◆ PlatformAckRegister

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::PlatformAckRegister

Definition at line 2370 of file actbl2.h.

◆ PlatformInterrupt

UINT32 acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::PlatformInterrupt

Definition at line 2359 of file actbl2.h.

◆ PreserveMask

UINT64 acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::PreserveMask

Definition at line 2365 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Reserved

UINT8 acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::Reserved

Definition at line 2361 of file actbl2.h.

◆ WriteMask

UINT64 acpi_pcct_hw_reduced_type2::WriteMask

Definition at line 2366 of file actbl2.h.

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