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_Gslice_Iter_tmpl< _Size > Struct Template Reference

#include <_valarray.h>

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Public Member Functions

 _Gslice_Iter_tmpl (const gslice &__gslice)
bool _M_done () const
bool _M_incr ()

Public Attributes

_Size _M_step
_Size _M_1d_idx
valarray< _Size_M_indices
const gslice_M_gslice

Detailed Description

template<class _Size>
struct _Gslice_Iter_tmpl< _Size >

Definition at line 1283 of file _valarray.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ _Gslice_Iter_tmpl()

template<class _Size >
_Gslice_Iter_tmpl< _Size >::_Gslice_Iter_tmpl ( const gslice __gslice)

Definition at line 1284 of file _valarray.h.

1285 : _M_step(0), _M_1d_idx(__gslice.start()),
1286 _M_indices(size_t(0), __gslice._M_lengths.size()),
1287 _M_gslice(__gslice)
1288 {}
size_t start() const
Definition: _valarray.h:1249
_Valarray_size_t _M_lengths
Definition: _valarray.h:1272
size_t size() const
Definition: _valarray.h:164
const gslice & _M_gslice
Definition: _valarray.h:1298
valarray< _Size > _M_indices
Definition: _valarray.h:1297

Member Function Documentation

◆ _M_done()

template<class _Size >
bool _Gslice_Iter_tmpl< _Size >::_M_done ( ) const

Definition at line 1290 of file _valarray.h.

1290{ return _M_indices[0] == _M_gslice._M_lengths[0]; }

◆ _M_incr()

Member Data Documentation

◆ _M_1d_idx

◆ _M_gslice

template<class _Size >
const gslice& _Gslice_Iter_tmpl< _Size >::_M_gslice

Definition at line 1298 of file _valarray.h.

Referenced by _Gslice_Iter_tmpl< _Size >::_M_done().

◆ _M_indices

template<class _Size >
valarray<_Size> _Gslice_Iter_tmpl< _Size >::_M_indices

Definition at line 1297 of file _valarray.h.

Referenced by _Gslice_Iter_tmpl< _Size >::_M_done().

◆ _M_step

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