ReactOS  0.4.14-dev-50-g13bb5e2
tagLVITEMA Struct Reference

#include <commctrl.h>

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Public Attributes

UINT mask
int iItem
int iSubItem
UINT state
UINT stateMask
LPSTR pszText
int cchTextMax
int iImage
int iIndent
int iGroupId
UINT cColumns
PUINT puColumns

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2314 of file commctrl.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cchTextMax

int tagLVITEMA::cchTextMax

Definition at line 2321 of file commctrl.h.

Referenced by CDefView::OnNotify(), parent_wnd_proc(), and test_notify_proc().

◆ cColumns

UINT tagLVITEMA::cColumns

Definition at line 2326 of file commctrl.h.

◆ iGroupId

int tagLVITEMA::iGroupId

Definition at line 2325 of file commctrl.h.

◆ iImage

int tagLVITEMA::iImage

Definition at line 2322 of file commctrl.h.

Referenced by test_approximate_viewrect().

◆ iIndent

int tagLVITEMA::iIndent

Definition at line 2324 of file commctrl.h.

◆ iItem

int tagLVITEMA::iItem

Definition at line 2316 of file commctrl.h.

Referenced by test_approximate_viewrect(), test_item_count(), and test_item_position().

◆ iSubItem

int tagLVITEMA::iSubItem

◆ lParam


Definition at line 2323 of file commctrl.h.

◆ mask


◆ pszText

◆ puColumns

PUINT tagLVITEMA::puColumns

Definition at line 2327 of file commctrl.h.

◆ state

UINT tagLVITEMA::state

Definition at line 2318 of file commctrl.h.

◆ stateMask

UINT tagLVITEMA::stateMask

Definition at line 2319 of file commctrl.h.

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