ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-6054-gbddd8b0
TT_ExecContextRec_ Struct Reference

#include <ttinterp.h>

Collaboration diagram for TT_ExecContextRec_:

Public Attributes

TT_Face face
TT_Size size
FT_Memory memory
FT_Error error
FT_Long top
FT_Long stackSize
FT_Long args
FT_Long new_top
TT_GlyphZoneRec zp0
TT_GlyphZoneRec zp1
TT_GlyphZoneRec zp2
TT_GlyphZoneRec pts
TT_GlyphZoneRec twilight
FT_Long pointSize
FT_Size_Metrics metrics
TT_Size_Metrics tt_metrics
TT_GraphicsState GS
FT_Int curRange
FT_Long IP
FT_Long codeSize
FT_Byte opcode
FT_Int length
FT_Bool step_ins
FT_ULong cvtSize
FT_UInt glyphSize
FT_UInt numFDefs
FT_UInt maxFDefs
TT_DefArray FDefs
FT_UInt numIDefs
FT_UInt maxIDefs
TT_DefArray IDefs
FT_UInt maxFunc
FT_UInt maxIns
FT_Int callTop
FT_Int callSize
TT_CallStack callStack
FT_UShort maxPoints
FT_Short maxContours
TT_CodeRangeTable codeRangeTable
FT_UShort storeSize
FT_F26Dot6 period
FT_F26Dot6 phase
FT_F26Dot6 threshold
FT_Bool instruction_trap
TT_GraphicsState default_GS
FT_Bool is_composite
FT_Bool pedantic_hinting
FT_Long F_dot_P
TT_Round_Func func_round
TT_Project_Func func_project
TT_Project_Func func_dualproj
TT_Project_Func func_freeProj
TT_Move_Func func_move
TT_Move_Func func_move_orig
TT_Cur_Ppem_Func func_cur_ppem
TT_Get_CVT_Func func_read_cvt
TT_Set_CVT_Func func_write_cvt
TT_Set_CVT_Func func_move_cvt
FT_Bool grayscale
FT_ULong loopcall_counter
FT_ULong loopcall_counter_max
FT_ULong neg_jump_counter
FT_ULong neg_jump_counter_max

Detailed Description

Definition at line 149 of file ttinterp.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ args

FT_Long TT_ExecContextRec_::args

Definition at line 164 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ callSize

FT_Int TT_ExecContextRec_::callSize

Definition at line 207 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ callStack

TT_CallStack TT_ExecContextRec_::callStack

Definition at line 208 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ callTop

FT_Int TT_ExecContextRec_::callTop

Definition at line 206 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ code

FT_Byte* TT_ExecContextRec_::code

Definition at line 180 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ codeRangeTable

TT_CodeRangeTable TT_ExecContextRec_::codeRangeTable

Definition at line 214 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ codeSize

FT_Long TT_ExecContextRec_::codeSize

Definition at line 182 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ curRange

FT_Int TT_ExecContextRec_::curRange

Definition at line 179 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ cvt

FT_Long* TT_ExecContextRec_::cvt

Definition at line 190 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ cvtSize

FT_ULong TT_ExecContextRec_::cvtSize

Definition at line 189 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ default_GS

TT_GraphicsState TT_ExecContextRec_::default_GS

Definition at line 227 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ error

FT_Error TT_ExecContextRec_::error

Definition at line 157 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ F_dot_P

FT_Long TT_ExecContextRec_::F_dot_P

Definition at line 234 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ face

TT_Face TT_ExecContextRec_::face

Definition at line 151 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ FDefs

TT_DefArray TT_ExecContextRec_::FDefs

Definition at line 197 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ func_cur_ppem

TT_Cur_Ppem_Func TT_ExecContextRec_::func_cur_ppem

Definition at line 245 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ func_dualproj

TT_Project_Func TT_ExecContextRec_::func_dualproj

Definition at line 239 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ func_freeProj

TT_Project_Func TT_ExecContextRec_::func_freeProj

Definition at line 240 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ func_move

TT_Move_Func TT_ExecContextRec_::func_move

Definition at line 242 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ func_move_cvt

TT_Set_CVT_Func TT_ExecContextRec_::func_move_cvt

Definition at line 249 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ func_move_orig

TT_Move_Func TT_ExecContextRec_::func_move_orig

Definition at line 243 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ func_project

TT_Project_Func TT_ExecContextRec_::func_project

Definition at line 238 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ func_read_cvt

TT_Get_CVT_Func TT_ExecContextRec_::func_read_cvt

Definition at line 247 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ func_round

TT_Round_Func TT_ExecContextRec_::func_round

Definition at line 236 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ func_write_cvt

TT_Set_CVT_Func TT_ExecContextRec_::func_write_cvt

Definition at line 248 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ glyphIns

FT_Byte* TT_ExecContextRec_::glyphIns

Definition at line 193 of file ttinterp.h.

Referenced by TT_Hint_Glyph(), tt_loader_init(), and TT_Process_Composite_Glyph().

◆ glyphSize

FT_UInt TT_ExecContextRec_::glyphSize

Definition at line 192 of file ttinterp.h.

Referenced by TT_Process_Composite_Glyph().

◆ grayscale

FT_Bool TT_ExecContextRec_::grayscale

Definition at line 251 of file ttinterp.h.

Referenced by tt_loader_init(), and tt_loader_set_pp().

◆ GS

TT_GraphicsState TT_ExecContextRec_::GS

Definition at line 177 of file ttinterp.h.

Referenced by TT_Hint_Glyph(), TT_Load_Glyph(), and tt_loader_init().

◆ IDefs

TT_DefArray TT_ExecContextRec_::IDefs

Definition at line 201 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ instruction_trap

FT_Bool TT_ExecContextRec_::instruction_trap

Definition at line 224 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ IP

FT_Long TT_ExecContextRec_::IP

Definition at line 181 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ is_composite

FT_Bool TT_ExecContextRec_::is_composite

Definition at line 229 of file ttinterp.h.

Referenced by TT_Hint_Glyph().

◆ length

FT_Int TT_ExecContextRec_::length

Definition at line 185 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ loopcall_counter

FT_ULong TT_ExecContextRec_::loopcall_counter

Definition at line 430 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ loopcall_counter_max

FT_ULong TT_ExecContextRec_::loopcall_counter_max

Definition at line 431 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ maxContours

FT_Short TT_ExecContextRec_::maxContours

Definition at line 211 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ maxFDefs

FT_UInt TT_ExecContextRec_::maxFDefs

Definition at line 196 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ maxFunc

FT_UInt TT_ExecContextRec_::maxFunc

Definition at line 203 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ maxIDefs

FT_UInt TT_ExecContextRec_::maxIDefs

Definition at line 200 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ maxIns

FT_UInt TT_ExecContextRec_::maxIns

Definition at line 204 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ maxPoints

FT_UShort TT_ExecContextRec_::maxPoints

Definition at line 210 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ memory

FT_Memory TT_ExecContextRec_::memory

Definition at line 153 of file ttinterp.h.

Referenced by TT_Process_Composite_Glyph().

◆ metrics

FT_Size_Metrics TT_ExecContextRec_::metrics

Definition at line 174 of file ttinterp.h.

Referenced by TT_Hint_Glyph().

◆ neg_jump_counter

FT_ULong TT_ExecContextRec_::neg_jump_counter

Definition at line 432 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ neg_jump_counter_max

FT_ULong TT_ExecContextRec_::neg_jump_counter_max

Definition at line 433 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ new_top

FT_Long TT_ExecContextRec_::new_top

Definition at line 165 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ numFDefs

FT_UInt TT_ExecContextRec_::numFDefs

Definition at line 195 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ numIDefs

FT_UInt TT_ExecContextRec_::numIDefs

Definition at line 199 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ opcode

FT_Byte TT_ExecContextRec_::opcode

Definition at line 184 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ pedantic_hinting

FT_Bool TT_ExecContextRec_::pedantic_hinting

Definition at line 230 of file ttinterp.h.

Referenced by TT_Hint_Glyph(), and tt_loader_init().

◆ period

FT_F26Dot6 TT_ExecContextRec_::period

Definition at line 220 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ phase

FT_F26Dot6 TT_ExecContextRec_::phase

Definition at line 221 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ pointSize

FT_Long TT_ExecContextRec_::pointSize

Definition at line 173 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ pts

TT_GlyphZoneRec TT_ExecContextRec_::pts

Definition at line 170 of file ttinterp.h.

Referenced by TT_Hint_Glyph().

◆ size

TT_Size TT_ExecContextRec_::size

Definition at line 152 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ stack

FT_Long* TT_ExecContextRec_::stack

Definition at line 162 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ stackSize

FT_Long TT_ExecContextRec_::stackSize

Definition at line 161 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ step_ins

FT_Bool TT_ExecContextRec_::step_ins

Definition at line 187 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ storage

FT_Long* TT_ExecContextRec_::storage

Definition at line 218 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ storeSize

FT_UShort TT_ExecContextRec_::storeSize

Definition at line 217 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ threshold

FT_F26Dot6 TT_ExecContextRec_::threshold

Definition at line 222 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ top

FT_Long TT_ExecContextRec_::top

Definition at line 159 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ tt_metrics

TT_Size_Metrics TT_ExecContextRec_::tt_metrics

Definition at line 175 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ twilight

TT_GlyphZoneRec TT_ExecContextRec_::twilight

Definition at line 171 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ zp0

TT_GlyphZoneRec TT_ExecContextRec_::zp0

Definition at line 167 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ zp1

TT_GlyphZoneRec TT_ExecContextRec_::zp1

Definition at line 168 of file ttinterp.h.

◆ zp2

TT_GlyphZoneRec TT_ExecContextRec_::zp2

Definition at line 169 of file ttinterp.h.

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