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IWMSyncReader2 Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT SetRangeByFrameEx ([in] WORD wStreamNum, [in] QWORD qwFrameNumber, [in] LONGLONG cFramesToRead, [out] QWORD *pcnsStartTime)
HRESULT SetAllocateForOutput ([in] DWORD dwOutputNum, [in] IWMReaderAllocatorEx *pAllocator)
HRESULT GetAllocateForOutput ([in] DWORD dwOutputNum, [out] IWMReaderAllocatorEx **ppAllocator)
HRESULT SetAllocateForStream ([in] DWORD dwStreamNum, [in] IWMReaderAllocatorEx *pAllocator)
HRESULT GetAllocateForStream ([in] DWORD dwStreamNum, [out] IWMReaderAllocatorEx **ppAllocator)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IWMSyncReader
HRESULT Open ([in] const WCHAR *pwszFilename)
HRESULT Close ()
HRESULT SetRange ([in] QWORD cnsStartTime, [in] LONGLONG cnsDuration)
HRESULT SetRangeByFrame ([in] WORD wStreamNum, [in] QWORD qwFrameNumber, [in] LONGLONG cFramesToRead)
HRESULT GetNextSample ([in] WORD wStreamNum, [out] INSSBuffer **ppSample, [out] QWORD *pcnsSampleTime, [out] QWORD *pcnsDuration, [out] DWORD *pdwFlags, [out] DWORD *pdwOutputNum, [out] WORD *pwStreamNum)
HRESULT SetStreamsSelected ([in] WORD cStreamCount, [in] WORD *pwStreamNumbers, [in] WMT_STREAM_SELECTION *pSelections)
HRESULT GetStreamSelected ([in] WORD wStreamNum, [out] WMT_STREAM_SELECTION *pSelection)
HRESULT SetReadStreamSamples ([in] WORD wStreamNum, [in] BOOL fCompressed)
HRESULT GetReadStreamSamples ([in] WORD wStreamNum, [out] BOOL *pfCompressed)
HRESULT GetOutputSetting ([in] DWORD dwOutputNum, [in] LPCWSTR pszName, [out] WMT_ATTR_DATATYPE *pType, [out, size_is(*pcbLength)] BYTE *pValue, [in, out] WORD *pcbLength)
HRESULT SetOutputSetting ([in] DWORD dwOutputNum, [in] LPCWSTR pszName, [in] WMT_ATTR_DATATYPE Type, [in, size_is(cbLength)] const BYTE *pValue, [in] WORD cbLength)
HRESULT GetOutputCount ([out] DWORD *pcOutputs)
HRESULT GetOutputProps ([in] DWORD dwOutputNum, [out] IWMOutputMediaProps **ppOutput)
HRESULT SetOutputProps ([in] DWORD dwOutputNum, [in] IWMOutputMediaProps *pOutput)
HRESULT GetOutputFormatCount ([in] DWORD dwOutputNum, [out] DWORD *pcFormats)
HRESULT GetOutputFormat ([in] DWORD dwOutputNum, [in] DWORD dwFormatNum, [out] IWMOutputMediaProps **ppProps)
HRESULT GetOutputNumberForStream ([in] WORD wStreamNum, [out] DWORD *pdwOutputNum)
HRESULT GetStreamNumberForOutput ([in] DWORD dwOutputNum, [out] WORD *pwStreamNum)
HRESULT GetMaxOutputSampleSize ([in] DWORD dwOutput, [out] DWORD *pcbMax)
HRESULT GetMaxStreamSampleSize ([in] WORD wStream, [out] DWORD *pcbMax)
HRESULT OpenStream ([in] IStream *pStream)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1100 of file wmsdkidl.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAllocateForOutput()

HRESULT IWMSyncReader2::GetAllocateForOutput ( [in] DWORD  dwOutputNum,
[out] IWMReaderAllocatorEx **  ppAllocator 

◆ GetAllocateForStream()

HRESULT IWMSyncReader2::GetAllocateForStream ( [in] DWORD  dwStreamNum,
[out] IWMReaderAllocatorEx **  ppAllocator 

◆ SetAllocateForOutput()

HRESULT IWMSyncReader2::SetAllocateForOutput ( [in] DWORD  dwOutputNum,
[in] IWMReaderAllocatorEx pAllocator 

◆ SetAllocateForStream()

HRESULT IWMSyncReader2::SetAllocateForStream ( [in] DWORD  dwStreamNum,
[in] IWMReaderAllocatorEx pAllocator 

◆ SetRangeByFrameEx()

HRESULT IWMSyncReader2::SetRangeByFrameEx ( [in] WORD  wStreamNum,
[in] QWORD  qwFrameNumber,
[in] LONGLONG  cFramesToRead,
[out] QWORD pcnsStartTime 

◆ SetRangeByTimecode()

HRESULT IWMSyncReader2::SetRangeByTimecode ( [in] WORD  wStreamNum,

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