ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8235-gcd88a97
BSCallback Struct Reference

#include <binding.h>

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Public Attributes

IBindStatusCallback IBindStatusCallback_iface
IServiceProvider IServiceProvider_iface
IHttpNegotiate2 IHttpNegotiate2_iface
IInternetBindInfo IInternetBindInfo_iface
const BSCallbackVtblvtbl
LONG ref
request_data_t request_data
ULONG readed
DWORD bindf
BOOL bindinfo_ready
binding_bom_t bom
struct list entry

Detailed Description

Definition at line 71 of file binding.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bindf

DWORD BSCallback::bindf

Definition at line 83 of file binding.h.

◆ bindinfo_ready

BOOL BSCallback::bindinfo_ready

Definition at line 84 of file binding.h.

◆ binding

IBinding* BSCallback::binding

Definition at line 88 of file binding.h.

Referenced by abort_window_bindings().

◆ bom

binding_bom_t BSCallback::bom

Definition at line 85 of file binding.h.

◆ entry

struct list BSCallback::entry

Definition at line 92 of file binding.h.

Referenced by abort_window_bindings(), and stop_request_proc().

◆ IBindStatusCallback_iface

◆ IHttpNegotiate2_iface

IHttpNegotiate2 BSCallback::IHttpNegotiate2_iface

Definition at line 74 of file binding.h.

◆ IInternetBindInfo_iface

IInternetBindInfo BSCallback::IInternetBindInfo_iface

Definition at line 75 of file binding.h.

◆ IServiceProvider_iface

IServiceProvider BSCallback::IServiceProvider_iface

Definition at line 73 of file binding.h.

◆ mon

IMoniker* BSCallback::mon

Definition at line 87 of file binding.h.

Referenced by navigate_proc(), start_binding(), and start_doc_binding_proc().

◆ readed

ULONG BSCallback::readed

Definition at line 82 of file binding.h.

◆ ref

LONG BSCallback::ref

Definition at line 79 of file binding.h.

◆ request_data

request_data_t BSCallback::request_data

Definition at line 81 of file binding.h.

◆ vtbl

const BSCallbackVtbl* BSCallback::vtbl

Definition at line 77 of file binding.h.

Referenced by abort_window_bindings().

◆ window

HTMLInnerWindow* BSCallback::window

Definition at line 90 of file binding.h.

Referenced by abort_window_bindings(), channelbsc_load_stream(), and start_binding().

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