ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5496-g599ba9c
parser.h File Reference
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struct  interface_info_t


#define parse_only   import_stack_ptr


int parser_parse (void)
int parser_lex (void)
int do_import (char *fname)
void abort_import (void)
void pop_import (void)
int is_type (const char *name)
int do_warning (char *toggle, warning_list_t *wnum)
int is_warning_enabled (int warning)


int parser_debug
int yy_flex_debug
int import_stack_ptr

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ parse_only

#define parse_only   import_stack_ptr

Definition at line 44 of file parser.h.

Function Documentation

◆ abort_import()

void abort_import ( void  )

Referenced by rm_tempfile().

◆ do_import()

int do_import ( char fname)

◆ do_warning()

int do_warning ( char toggle,
warning_list_t wnum 

◆ is_type()

int is_type ( const char name)

◆ is_warning_enabled()

int is_warning_enabled ( int  warning)

Referenced by ctl2_alloc_guid().

◆ parser_lex()

int parser_lex ( void  )

◆ parser_parse()

int parser_parse ( void  )

Referenced by main().

◆ pop_import()

void pop_import ( void  )

Variable Documentation

◆ import_stack_ptr

int import_stack_ptr

◆ parser_debug

int parser_debug

Definition at line 111 of file widl.c.

Referenced by main(), and wpp_set_debug().

◆ parser_in

FILE* parser_in

Referenced by main().

◆ parser_text

char* parser_text

◆ temp_name

char* temp_name

Definition at line 150 of file widl.c.

Referenced by main(), rm_tempfile(), and StgOpenStorage().

◆ yy_flex_debug

int yy_flex_debug

Definition at line 111 of file widl.c.

Referenced by main().